Saturday, June 23, 2007

Western States

Wow. Today is the day. The big one. The race that 3000 apply for and only 400 gain entry to. The one I applied to two times and have not had the luck of the draw. I keep year, I could be there..right now. Am I going to apply? I don't know. Depends on my fragile mind after Superior 100.

I'm looking at Kim Holak and Bev Abbs. Kim is from Duluth, MN. I have to cheer for her! She had an awesome run at Western last year in the horrible heat that took so many out. She finished 7th woman. Unreal. Today could be her day. She is fun to watch at the races. I see her at most of the local ultras. She always smiles as she passes by me on the out and backs of Voyaguer and at Ice Age. She's awesome. Go Kim Go!

I love to follow Bev Abbs. I follow all of her races. She's strong and fast and always finishes at the top. I hope to meet her some day at one of the races. I believe she is running Vermont in a few weeks. I'll have to say hello to her there. Go Bev Go!

As for me, today Topaz and me went for 8 in the wildlife refuge. I saw 13 eagles but alas, they were too far away to get a good focus on. I then biked a few hours. Slow and easy. Now Troy and I will head out for a graduation open house. Lots of those on our calendar this summer.

Have a great SATURDAY!


Anonymous said...

thanks for your support out there. hopefully i'll get to meet you soon. sorry to say, I will not be returning to Vermont this year, i'm backing off a little on the 100's and the only other one I have planned is the Plain in Washington this september. if you've missed being drawn 2 times for WS you better put in your registration again! i plan on seeing you in Squaw Valley in June'08. good luck and enjoy your summer.

Julie B said...

Bev. I can't believe that you read this blog.I'm honored. You had a great race at WS; congratulations! I followed you all the way. OK, next year at WS :)

Tim Looney said...

Hey Julie - you need to put in for WS again - it's automatic for you this time.

I hope to be back in 2008. This year was my first.

I "ran" the 50 at McNaughton this year. I didn't meet you there but was impressed with your race!

I hope to be back at McNaughton in 2008. Distance depends on what happens with the lottery for Western.

p.s. How cool that Bev read your blog. She is one of my heroes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Julie, WS went pretty well this year. I'll see you next June! Any big race plans coming up?

By the way, The Plain 100 is a killer race if you can deal with carrying all your food for half a race at a time.

I like your blog.