Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Afterburn-Interval Training

So as I stated, I'm definitely on board with Afterburn. Alwyn states that the best way to perform cardio workouts to prevent from adapting and to rapidly improve fat loss is to interval train.

Interval training simply refers to a series of intense activity separated with short rest periods. This way you are able to exercise at a higher intensity without tiring, because you are taking rest breaks. You alternate the high intensity with lower intensity.

The wonderful part of this is, that as the body adapts, as you improve, the intervals become more and more difficult. The rest periods shorten, the intensity increases, you can add incline, etc. There is no end in site and there is no downside, other than they are difficult, which is actually a good thing :)

Today Topaz and I ran for 8 miles on the gravel road route through the wildlife refuge. My trail is still too covered with deer flies to enjoy. Both of the pools of water for Topaz are pretty much dried up now. One is completely dry and one is a mud heap. He lies in the cool mud (ewww) and drinks up the 1" of water that is there. It is gross, but he enjoys it, I guess...we get home and he jumps into his pool, thankfully, washing off all of the baked on mud.

Steve set up my free treadmill while I was in Vermont. Oh my gosh, it is incredible! As I stated earlier, I purchased a treadmill from Sears 11 years ago, when I quit drinking and decided to begin walking. I had no plan in the works to become a runner. I walked many miles on that treadmill, then became a runner, running many miles on my treadmill. Well, I purchased and renewed and renewed and renewed the service agreement on it, and this past March the serviceman told me he no longer carried parts for it, so he gave me a credit to pick out one of my choice at the Sears store. WOW!

I tried it out today. It's fabulous. I can't believe how they have changed in 11 years. Well, yeah, I guess I can. It has a fan built into it, a fan that actually moves around the air! It has heart rate monitor strips built into it, tons of display functions and workouts. It doesn't wobble back and forth when I run a 6 minute pace.

I completed the first session of interval training today. 5 minute warm up, 1 minute at a 9mph, 2 minutes at 7 mph, x 3 with a 5 minute cool down.

Now, my trusty treadmill told me this was an additional 260 calories I burned, a 2.4 mile addition to the mileage I ran today. I won't change my regular day to day 100 mile race training, I'll just add the Afterburn workouts - cardio and lifting - for some fat burning.



Olga said...

Jul, you've got so much focus, it's amazing! I keep getting off track:) Be strong! Wishing you best!

A Prelude To... said...

Wow! I haven't caught up with your blog in awhile. Good reading! I'm so glad to hear you are loving Afterburn. My workout partner and I just ordered it last week so we have something new to add to our workouts when we start back up together when school starts. We're totally excited to get AFTERBURNED!!