Friday, July 13, 2007

Fabulous Friday

Even though today marks my 4th week of summer vacation and the days tend to run into one another, Friday's still rock. It's pay day for one, the weekend is here, lots of time to laze around, a Twins game on Sunday, volunteering at Lifetime Fitness Triathlon on Saturday, dinner with friends Alicia, Tom and Nancy on Saturday. A little Vermont 100 party; what fun!

Today is simply stunning. Sunny, high of 83, light breeze, low dewpoint. Oh yeah, stunning.

My pool is dirty so I cranked up the heater, the boys are enjoying the warm water of 88F right now. All I have on today's schedule is cleaning the pool and moving rocks for my garden. Lovely.

As Topaz and I were running our morning miles it occurred to me that I should begin to taper. Vermont is a week out. I'm running 8 miles a day and going to they gym, stamping out 5 miles each afternoon on the stair master. I love that thing. It gets my heart rate up into the 180's and makes me feel oh so good! Not anymore now until Vermont is history. I promised myself.

I promptly returned home and realized that now I'll be bored for a week by cutting back on workouts, not going to the gym..well, maybe to lift upper body you know, cutting down on the mileage, both running miles and biking. Yuck. I don't know that tapering is all it is cracked up to be. A week is plenty I say.

I have been reading about Precision Nutrition for 18 months. Precision Nutrition, Turbulence Training , Afterburn and John Berardi. Renee first brought it to my attention. As it has taken away her food obsessiveness, it may just exasperate mine! It is getting tiresome logging every bit of food into exel and on LL as well as running totals of carb, protein and fat in my head. This is a very sound eating and training program, designed for the regular couch potato up to the athlete. On Monday a challenge begins an how I love a challenge. I had been going back and forth about purchasing the package which was $150 when I first learned of it, and is now a much more reasonable $90 with forum access and 101 other things, I hemmed and hawed and finally ordered on Tuesday. I'm patiently awaiting my reading materials. If I don't care for the program itself, I will certainly enjoy reading the material as I recover from Vermont 100. Did I mention that it is next Saturday? Oh, I thought I may have...

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Heidi Swift said...

I purchased Precision Nutrition about a month ago and I'm really impressed so far. I'm very curious to get your take on it.

Good luck with the race!!