Monday, July 09, 2007

Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

After driving to Rochester for the past few days, I stayed home today. I felt a bit guilty; but Mom and Dad both told me to stay home. Tyler flew into from Orlando too, and I wanted to pick him up. He had a wonderful week in Florida with his youth group from Church.

Mom is doing well. She had her tubes removed today and will be released from Mayo on Wednesday AM. Thank you, God. She will heal at home for a few weeks and begin chemo. She'll take chemo in Duluth again.

The blueberries were magnificent and bountiful at Lake Vermilion this past week. Troy loves blueberries. I whipped together a few pies today. I've never made blueberry pie before. I'm selfish, I don't care for it, so I usually can get him to eat the blueberries in milk and sugar, in pancakes, muffins, etc. Things I like, you know? Well, he wanted pie so badly I made a few for him. They are cooling now, I'll have to take a picture before I cut into them for bed time treats.

I ran 8 miles with Topaz today. The deer flies nearly carried us off. I had a few wildlife sightings: a mama deer and her baby-laying in Topaz's' pool. We waited for them to leave before we approached the pool of water. Then I saw a huge ass bull snake. I threw a rock at it so it would go into the ditch and I could get past it. Ish. Pretty soon I saw all of the Sand Hill Cranes. They make the weirdest noise. I counted Mom and Dad and 8 furry red babies. They were squawking up a storm. I saw a huge snapping turtle too. Troy has two Box turtles. This snapper would probably eat them for a snack. It was huge. I'd love to have his shell hang up on the cabin wall, but I just couldn't kill one for its shell. I wish they would just 'shed' them.

After my run I went to lift legs. They felt pretty well rested and with 1.5 weeks to Vermont I figured I'd lift them a few times prior. Got some good numbers too:

Barbell Squat: 125x10x1; 155x8x3
Leg Press: 100x10x1; 220x8x3
Extension: 45x10x1; 100x8x3
Laying Ham Curl: 85x10x4
Deadlifts: 55x10x1; 100x8x3
Adductor: 100x10x1; 200x8x3
Abductor: 100x10x1; 210x45x1

Tonight Tyler and I rode bike for 16 miles. He complained it was too long. It was just right.


Olga said...

Good news on Mom!!!
Is it time to taper yet?

Julie B said...

HI Olga, oh yeah, taper. I keep forgetting that five letter word!! Oh, and the hill I have been doing repeats's 250 ft. NOTHING compared to the mountains and gorges you are used to running every day, but for this Midwestern flat lander, it's the best hill I can find ! Vermont is only 1.5 weeks out. I re read your race report. Yikes. You did so well, but it sounded hard. Lots of running, hu? Well, guess I'm as ready as can be...

Olga said...

Jul, I'll forward you an email on VT100 I wrote for a friend of mine. Look it up.

Mike said...


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Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

julie...I can't wait for details on your vermont 100 race..we will all be thinking about are strong, fit and ready


Adam said...

Hi Julie,

Not even sure how I stumbled onto this blog but I'm glad I did! I was watching at FANS this year, trying to decide if I'm crazy enough to try it next year..great job! As an ultra newbie I'm really looking forward to reading more of your blog. My first was EF 2006 and I'll be doing the ST50 this year. Any advice specific to the ST races?

I grew up in Burnsville, when do you guys do your Buck Hill runs? I mentioned to Steve Q recently that I live close to something called the Richard T Anderson conservatory in Eden Prairie that can give you a tremendous hill workout as well. Best of luck, hopefully I'll be able to say hello someday!


Julie B said...

Hey Adam; welcome to the blog and welcome to the world of ultra running. The SHT is one of my favorite places on earth. Right up there with Negril, Jamaica :). It's a tough trail, the best training is to go up and spend a weekend running there. There is NOTHING like the trail around but itself. Buck Hill may get me to a 102.5 mile finish this September. I was sorely lacking in hills last year during my attempt. I run Buck Hill on Sundays at 1200. I won't be there this Sunday as I am going to the TWINS game with the family, then next weekend I'll be running Vermont..but the last weekend in July; that is where you'll find me. I should be fairly recovered from Vermont and ready for 20 hills. Oh yeah! You should try FANS, for sure! There is always the 12 hour option-that was what I did for my first FANS.