Thursday, July 26, 2007

Recover, recover, recover...

Thank you for all of the kind comments and congratulations. I appreciate it so very, very much. It's amazing to think how the Internet has widened our little world of ultra running; that we may only meet online, but still, the friendships seem so strong. Thank you to those of you that I know in 'person' that took the time to post a comment as well.

I'm feeling more like myself. The bloat of salt and carbs and water and whatever else is leaving my body. I was up in weight as high as 146 this week, today I am at 138. Pretty soon I should be back to 135. It sure feels good. I don't feel like quite the blow fish anymore.

I'm feeling very, very strong. Tuesday and Wednesday I wore a pair of my Inov-8's that are 1 size larger than the road shoes I wore during Vermont 100 and was able to get out and walk for 45 minutes, along the gravel road that Topaz and I have been training on so much lately. I was thinking about how the last time I had run upon this very road, I didn't know what my outcome would be. Had my behaviors lined up with my goal? Had I trained as I should have? Would I be here on this road a week later as a finisher?

Today I was again planning a 45 minute walk on the gravel roads with Topaz. I was surprised when I put on my Asics Gel Kayano road shoes and they fit! I was moving along a bit better, not quite so stiff this morning. Topaz and I reached the visitor parking area, I was able to remove myself quite well from the car and began to walk. Then run! I was able to run 6 miles and it felt oh so good. I didn't move quickly, just a slow run, working out any lingering stiffness. It felt wonderful.

Poor Topaz; one of the two ponds he lays in during our runs is totally dried up. He became quite warm, drinking water out of my bottle instead of his second pond. It's another 95F day today. Lots of heat here in Minnesota. I love it.

While I was running I was thinking about:

Lisa Smith, running the Badwater Double. Go Girl! Go!

My friends: Pierre Ostor, finishing Badwater in 41 hours. You Dog You! Our hill repeats at Buck Hill paid off! John Storkamp and Paul Hasse, crewing and pacing for him. Way to go you guys!! Congratulations!!

The two crew members that I saw along the route at EVERY aid station. They always commented on my smile, good nature and pink I was wearing. I saw them each and every station. I saw them at the award ceremony when they asked me my name so they wouldn't have to call me pink anymore.

Each and every finisher that Nancy and I saw cross the finish line. As we sat in our chairs, bundled in our blankets, we cried with those who cried, laughed with those who laughed.

The woman who crossed the finish line in 28 hours or so and DID A CARTWHEEL across the finish line and pounced up on her feet! I couldn't believe the flexibility she had. Then she found her guy, he lifted up her arms and inhaled each armpit, deeply! Wow.

Jamshid Khajavi who was laying in the finish tent as I went in to lay down and warm up. He is such a great guy, always happy and a great conversationalist. I met him at McNaughton this past April. He was yelling to the Doctor "Doctor, come quickly, Julie has runners cough, she needs help" I told the Doctor I was fine, just coughy after a long hard run. I never did need my albuterol that I brought along after the McNaughton episode. I hope to run into Jamshid again, when I feel up to a conversation!

The girl running in the wee hours of the dark morning, telling her pacer 'I have to buckle, I have to buckle'; her pacer 'You will, just follow my legs, look at my legs, follow...I'll get you there' He did!

All of the great aid station volunteers who laughed with me, filled my bottles, fed me and sent me on my way.

Watching Alicia and Tom cross the finish line. Crying tears of relief and joy with Alicia, Tom and Nancy.

The nice weekend we spent at Pond View Motel, Woodstock, VT.

Calling home and having Steve tell me that he honed his culinary skills by grilling steak, corn on the cob, potatoes and carrots on the grill. He was darn proud..and they enjoyed the meal. The boys were shocked that Dad could cook!

Showing Alicia how to maneuver up the outside stairway at the motel by pulling up onto the banister with my upper body, jutting my hips and butt out and making my way up like a crab. It works!

Listening to my fellow Town Board Members laugh at me at our meeting as I hobble to the bathroom and can't quite grasp what is going on, as my brain isn't quite recovered.

Coming back home and having Topaz greet me with wet kisses and a wet body at my car door. Tyler and Troy shortly followed and carried all of my gear to the house, and yes, they gave me kisses too. Not always easy for a 15 and 11 year old boy to do for their mother!

Watching Troy come into the kitchen with two gallons of milk in his arms. 'Mom, you left the milk in the garage. It's 95 degrees outside. You have ultra-brain' :)

Having Steve place my legs and feet upon his lap each night and rub, rub, rub as we watch the Twins game.

Oh yeah, life is good.


Anonymous said...

You are a complete inspiration to so many
Kathi Olson

Heidi Swift said...

I'm late on the uptake here but congratulations!
Kathi Olson nails it - you are a HUGE inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Shut up!! So Lisa ran to the finish, then is she turning around and going back???????????
That is so amazing to me.
Man all that stuff makes me cry.
I read your race report and tears, I read your post from today and tears.
I had been following badwater and cried when the only person who was left to complete it ended up with a DNF because he ran out of time. That sucks so bad!!!! I can't even imagine. Ultra runners are amazing to me. I ran 20 miles last Sunday to get ready for Paavo and just had a grin on my face because I ran 20 miles. 100 miles....135 miles. SO AWESOME!!! You are quite the lady iceberg!!!! Sounds like you are feeling pretty good. So happy to hear it. If you are still doing hills after I run Paavo I might come out to Buck Hill and join in the fun.

Anonymous said...

Reading your reports and posts is always an inspiration to all ultrarunners out there, even over here in 'far' Europe. Your wonderful positive spirit is exceptionnal and an example to many of us.

Happy running.

Belgium, Europe

redcat said...

Just catching up with you blog - Congratulations! You Rock!! You make me want to do ultras. :)

Ryan said...

Great photos! Happy recovery!