Saturday, July 07, 2007

Summer Fun

I had a fabulous time at Lake Vermilion. Lake Vermilion is about 4.5 hours north of Big Lake. It's a drive, but one well worth it. It's quiet. There are only a handful of cabins on Wolf Bay, where we are located. We are on the less populated, Cook side. Tower side is crazy busy. We spent a day over there. I was happy to get back to our place. I have to have a cabin that is as quite as home, and home is pretty darn quiet! There isn't a road into our property so we have to park our car at a resort and boat to the cabin. It's great. We did a lot of tubing, fishing, boating, just having a blast. I had a very hard time leaving Troy and Steve behind on Thursday as it was sunny and warm and I've always spent the week up there over the 4th. They are enjoying the floatilla today- a parade of boats-and will return home tomorrow. I left on Thursday for home, so that I could be at The Mayo on Friday for Mom's surgery.

I had a wonderful time on the SHT; I was able to run the whole 100 mile course. Oh, wait, it is a 102.5 mile course. That's right! I broke it into 6-7 hour segments, covering roughly 50K at a time. It was cold up there in the North woods. I have lost track of days, but one morning it was 38F and the high was 54F. There was NO dew point, it was cold and dry. What a difference from the 95F and 70 dew point I am feeling today! There were no bugs, it was just beautiful.

I'm looking forward to going back up with a group of friends on August 10-12. We have rented a fabulous house on the lake. I can't wait. No, wait I can wait. I don't want to rush summer. Shortly after that weekend trip I go back to work. Boohoo.

OK, I need to head out to Rochester now..

Oh! Two weeks from RIGHT NOW I'll be running the beautiful Vermont 100 mile course. WOOHOO!

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