Friday, August 24, 2007

Wonderful Weekends..

It's kind of the pits to like weekends again, to look forward to Friday, to plan the weekend. I never wish away days, they go by too quickly, but I do look forward to the weekend now that I am back. to . work.

Actually, going back to work hasn't been THAT bad. I enjoy my job very, very much. It's not stressful, I have great hours, I have the same days off the boys have; yeah, summer, Christmas, spring break, etc. I love that. It's just tough making the transition from summer fun to not summer fun. I realize I am fortunate in that I am able to go without pay for 8 weeks, I wasn't sure how that would go when I took this this lower paying job 4 (4!) years ago, but it's been worth it.

I had been commuting to downtown Minneapolis, taking me 1 1/2 hours to go 54 miles. It was getting old. So was wearing suits, heels and nylons. I don't think I've worn nylons since I worked downtown. Yes, driving or riding my bike into work, 7 miles from home, has been very nice indeed.

So while I'm back at work my running schedule is changing. I've been getting up early to run on my treadmill for 20-30 minutes, then hitting the trail with Topaz after work. Then I was feeling guilty for coming home from work and immediately heading to the trail, so there would be time for dinner and then jet off to football / baseball practice. I've found that it works well to hang out with the boys after work, cook and eat dinner, bring them to the fields with Topaz in the car, then head to the trail to run, picking up the boys later. It erases the guilt factor. A good thing. Mom guilt? Yeah.

I'm in week 4 of the Afterburn workouts. They've kicked my butt. I finished up the last one of week 4 today, now they increase a day, as well as the cardio for weeks 4-8. I'm going to hold back on Afterburn until I race Superior, then will get back at it. I've loved these workouts! 1 handed T pushups, squats, deadlifts; I love it.

Well, it's the weekend. Looks like a high, dry, sunny, beautiful weekend. I'll hit hills at Hyland, as Buck is closed due to erosion/wind damage. After this Hyland Hill workout I'll call it taper time. We're going to go to The Renaissance Festival. The boys opted for The Renaissance instead of the Minnesota State Fair this weekend. Fine with me. They have awesome turkey legs on the grill :)

Have a great weekend!


Rebecca said...

Yeah, the T push ups and deadlifts are fun. I actually like that Afterburn does a lot of variations on squats & deadlifts - I noticed a difference in those areas as a result. I just saw the Nanny Diaries, so it's nice to hear about someone making choices that allow them to spend more time with their kids/family. Good for you!

Cheryl said...

Hey Julie!

I've seen many people are really getting into this afterburn program and are really seeing great results. I have a question though - is it the type of program that I can do at home or do you need to have access to a "real" gym. I do my lifting at home with Powerblocks, a bench and a exercise ball.

I'm in the middle of training for my marathon but I'm looking to change things up come November. Thanks for your input.


Julie B said...

Hey Rebecca, at first it was a hard decision to go from the rich corporation to the poor school, I regretted my decision the first year, I regretted the responsiblity of a deadline, the approval of my peers, the big bucks. Now I know better. It isn't all about money for me, we are making due just fine. Made some cut backs, but being home really is wonderful.
Cheryl, I enjoy afterburn very much. I like that I can make it more difficult as I progress. During the first four weeks you'll need a ball for the crunches, bench for the step ups and some squats, you could do the deadlifts with the powerblocks instead of a barbell-there are squats with a barbell-I guess that is the one you'd need the gym for.
I just finished up week 4, will begin week 5 after Superior 100.