Sunday, September 16, 2007

...and on the 7th day..she RAN..

Thump thump thump...was the first thing I heard early Saturday morning. Ah, good morning Topaz! Oh yeah, we'll go for a run today. He shrieked with glee, running to the laundry room door to sit and wait for me.

I looked at the clock; 615 AM. First thought: last week at this time Stuart and I were running toward Sugarloaf, finishing up the hell hole of Crosby Manitou. I thought about the race all weekend long. Where I was when, what I was feeling, what I was doing.

Before I began to dress for my run I looked at the thermometer. WHOA! 31F. Holy man, dig out the pants, gloves and um, the red jacket. Oh yeah.

It was a beautiful, sunny, cold run. I felt great and Topaz ran with glee. Poor pup hadn't run with me in over a week. He biked with me, roller bladed with me, but didn't get his run on. He was a much happier pooch yesterday and I was a much happier human.

We ran 5 miles and then walked/jog another 5 mile loop. Felt good!

Troy had a football game yesterday and something disturbed me greatly. The team we were facing, Milaca, forfeited the game after the first quarter, upon our making a (first) touchdown. The coach screamed 'YOU ARE STACKED!' And quit. I can't quite believe it. We are not stacked. Big Lake does a draft; one coach picks one guy, the other coach picks the next guy. Stacked we are not. The coach pushes our boys hard; they practice more than the other teams and it shows. They run laps upon laps and have great endurance. I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when something like this happens. As Troy and I were leaving the field I heard a Mom sneer "he's on the stacked team.." I looked at her and said "hard training creates wins, not stacking a team" then walked away. I wanted to tell her off, but I kept my cool. I was thinking "BITCH" but held my tongue.

Today is another glorious day. I and Topaz went for another 10 mile run, felt awesome to run a bit harder today and feel my heart rate soar. Good stuff.

Tyler has a double header today. Better get to the field. It's a beautiful day for outside baseball!

Oh, I mailed in my entry to Western States. If I get in, I'm doing the Slam. There. I made up my mind.


Harriet said...

Yeah, I dropped out of McNaughton after the first lap because Eric Clifton was way ahead of me. :-)

(by the way, I've played football, and I've been on both ends of 42-6 type scores)

Olga said...

What a shame on the thing!
Glad you are back so soon and so well, and woohoo for the Slam plan! Making up your mind, girl...

Anonymous said...


You should have no doubts about your ability to finish Wasatch if you try the slam. I finished it a few years ago with lots of time to spare and you kicked my butt at VT100 this year. After reading your report, there is no doubt that you can do the Slam and Wasatch.

Oh yeah, how is the PN stuff going for you?


iJuls said...

"Stacked?" Humph! How could they tell after only 1 touchdown and only 1 quarter. Good coaching? NOT. He's teaching them to quit and then name call.

I am impressed with how you spoke your mind with facts and no further words. Nice job!

Julie B said...

That's a good one, Ollie! I'll have to remember that! Olga, you are part of the reason I've decided to go for the Slam, if I get into WS. Oh, and thanks for turning me to Rhonda's blog. Very good! Damon, thanks for the vote of confidence. As for PN, I just need more accountability. I'm at Leanness Lifestyle with my weekly check in's with David Greenwalt, I'm looking forward to getting into the best shape in my life. I'll need that for my summer plans!

Runner Susan said...

Slam, bam thank you ma'am. You go girl.