Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Leanness Lifestyle Elite Mastery Program

Leanness Lifestyle Elite Mastery Program

I’ve had many questions about the Elite program I refer to in my Leanness Lifestyle journal on the side bar. I don’t write a whole bunch about losing weight and my ever brain consuming saga of food and such here. I mention it in tidbits now and then, in the past this blog was mostly about food intake, it was pretty much the main reason I began this blog.

I did mention not too long ago that I had begun Afterburn Workouts and about the same time, was reading the Precision Nutrition program. I wanted to try PN mainly because Renee has had fabulous results with it. I know that we are not all created equal and that what is a good fit for one individual is not a good fit for another. PN doesn’t recommend counting of calories or macros, its loosely ‘5-6 meals a day, protein each meal, good exercise, etc.’ There are 10 steps to follow each day. The reading material was excellent; great recipes which I am still using, the best shake recipes that I have found so far and some good fish and chicken recipes that are now staples in my diet. I will post them in the future.

However, with PN, I began to increase my calories, I began to find that I didn’t really want to stop eating, that I enjoyed being FULL (all of the time), that I actually NEEDED to count my calories to keep myself on track. So, for me, it didn’t demand enough accountability. Embarrassing, really, but true. I managed to gain 8 pounds. It wreaked havoc on my fragile eggshell mind as I was getting ready for Superior. It wasn’t a good thing. Not that PN wasn’t a good thing, the way that I managed it wasn’t a good thing.

I have been a member of Leanness Lifestyle for 3 years, I can’t say enough good things about the program. I need accountability. I need to track every little thing. I am compulsive/obsessive. I have food addictions. These are probably the main reasons why I love Leanness Lifestyle so much. I first began LL to lose 30 pounds and over the course of 1.5 years I did lose the fat. Coach Dave offers Boot camps a few times a year, I joined 3 of his Boot camps and they were a big factor in my weight loss.

Before I asked Dave about Elite I emailed many of the members of Elite program to get their opinions of Elite. All but one raved about the program.

Two weeks before Superior I told Coach Dave I was ready for his Elite Mastery Program. I was ready to raise the bar. I was ready to be accountable to him and finish my weight loss. When I first joined LL I was over 160 pounds, I was at 144 when I contacted Dave for Elite. I had gained 6 pounds over the 2 years and 8 from my PN experiment. NOW, PN didn’t cause the gain. I caused the gain. I know that.

I weighed 144. Dave told me to be at 142 before our telephone consult on September 6, the day I was heading out to Lutsen for Superior 100. I was a nervous wreck, both for the consult and the race! I was 142.

The Elite program at LL is intense. It also has over a 90% rate of people keeping the weight off for over one year.

With Elite I have a teleconference with Dave each week. Wednesday afternoons for me. We discuss the week, my weight loss, any strategies I may need, exercise, problems I have, problems he has with me, etc. It’s usually an hour conversation. He leaves me with an assignment to be completed each day.

Elite is a one year program. Whether I meet my weight loss goal in 2 months or 10 months, I continue the program for a full year. I imagine I will even renew the Elite program after my year as maintenance throws me a curve ball.

I have huge leverages on the line. If I drop off the face of the earth, don’t call Dave on our Wednesdays and chose not to finish the program, I owe Dave $. I owe if I lie. If I don’t have a 90% or higher grade, I owe Dave. If I am not on target with my weight loss, I owe Dave. I pay a monthly fee. I have a weigh in that is supervised and faxed to Dave at the end of each goal period by another party! So far I have had two of these. These keep me on track!! NO WAY am I weighing in and not being at goal.

I’m learning so much about myself. It’s only been a few weeks and I can’t believe how I am learning and changing.

I was scared to death when Dave told me I needed to have my splurge meal. I was afraid of sugar, cake and frosting. Well, Dave told me those sugary things are triggers, probably an addiction, and I’d be staying away from them. At first that saddened me, but then I was able to handle it. Eventually, by the time Saturday rolled around and I was ready for my meal out I was strong and realized I didn’t have to have the sugary stuff. This made me feel in control, I knew that this meal out wouldn’t cause a downward spiral into a binge because it wasn’t going to be sugar or cake or that type of food. It wasn’t going to cause me to think of myself as a loser, a weakling, someone who can’t control what they put in their mouth. This was empowering to me. I went out to lunch, ate a fabulous meal at Champps: Chicken Cyn Sandwich with Criss Cross Cut Potatoes AND sour cream and loved every bite. I felt no guilt, I felt no out of control sugar binge coming on. It didn’t. I was in control.

I am planning a big year of running goals ahead of me for 2008. I know that with a healthy weight loss I will run faster, be leaner and stronger. I know that the weight loss will allow me to get into the best shape of my life and to be competitive as I run hard this summer. I want to be competitive. You know, I am usually the fattest woman runner on the start line of the 100 mile races. Not anymore. This is a big reason for Elite. I want to run well, be faster, be competitive.

I find myself looking forward to planning my menus, to grocery shopping, to my workouts. I find myself looking forward to WINTER. I have never looked forward to winter. Winter to me has always meant an increase in weight, being depressed, gaining even more weight because I am depressed, then retreating into myself and not getting out with my friends at all, because I feel too fat.

I haven’t had any sugar in a few weeks. The cravings are gone. I no longer feel sad that I am not going to have sugar as a splurge meal. Sugar makes me crazy! I don’t like being out of control and sugar does just that. It reminds me very much of being addicted to alcohol. I probably need to treat sugar as I do alcohol: none. Now, a person who is an alcoholic wouldn’t have a beer with their splurge meal, you know? A person addicted to sugar shouldn’t have cake, frosting and ice cream with their meal either.

So there you have it, that is the Leanness Lifestyle Elite Mastery Program.


Runner Susan said...

Yes, please post recipes! Am so curious.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

wow julie..I had no idea you thought you needed to drop weight..
this is a very good progam..you will be successful at this like you are most everything else.

Olga said...

Man, Jul...I am not the one to talk about addiction as I have a one or two myself...but I'll beat you for the "fattest woman at the 100M start line" by a big margin! To add on (and not to insult or contrudict) in 2005, my best results year of all, I was 145, up 10 lbs from 2004 and from following 2 years (I still hold that 135, and lately it doesn't matter whether I watch what I eat, excercise, or do nothing at all). It helps that I simply don't like sugar stuff - not soda, not cakes, not cookies, nothing. I do crave fat meat like pork ribs and chicken legs with skin, and I don't deprive myself of those. I don't eat pasta as I don't like the tatse, but I am a potato addict. Last few months though, with family crap, I was surviving mostly on sandwiches, and irregular meals in general. Nothing healthy about it, agreed. But seems that this stupid 135 is mine to keep (at least I hope not to gain), and I am tired of thinking I should get skinnier. Some 6 years ago, when I dropped weight from been 182, I went down to 117 and held it for 2 years. I started running, gained muscle - but also lots of fat. I was pretty discouraged from all this and kept nagging myself. Yes, leaner body would lead to faster times - to a certain extend. I have a link to Nikki Kimball's interview on this issue, and trust me, Nikki is not a skinny gilr by any means.

Julie, this is NOT a lecture, I am just sharing how I came around to accept myself. With that I do wish you best success and happiness with the results I know, with your dedication, you'll reach. I will follow your progress and always hold your hand. We each as individuals will decide what is that we need and how to get there. Our friends are here to support no matter what.

And you are beautiful. Just thought I'd mention that:)

Anonymous said...


I think I understand better now what you meant about accountability when you responded to an earlier comment of mine.

For me, PN works when I let it work. I prefer to not count my calories. I have found that if I focus more on limiting the cheat meals rather than forcing myself to eat every required meal, I do better. That is, if my day is hectic or I'm just not hungry, I don't force myself to eat. But, I have to make sure the cheats are reasonable and don't exceed 4/week.

I know that you don't drink, but I'm also finding that if I use my cheats for alcohol, I don't make progress. I'm sure there's a good lesson for me there if I want to hear it.

So, I'm sure the direction you're going will work out just fine for you.

And listen to Olga. Actually, having seen both of you at the Vermont 100 in prior years, I don't think of either of you as being overweight.

Of course, I always think of myself as being hugely overweight.

Someone accused me of having body image issues during the race this year. Maybe she was right.

Good luck.


Olga said...


Thanks, Damon. That was me back at VT100 in 2005:)

Julie B said...

Thanks for the comments. Olga, thanks for the pic! You have leaned down, haven't you! Wow. I know that we aren't (weren't) fat by any means, especially in the 'real' world. And I now you aren't lecturing me, thanks for sharing. I find it interesting that Nikki isn't a small girl; I assumed otherwise. Would you show the link to the interview?

Thanks, Damon!

Olga said...


Kimberly Rae said...

I'll be joining the Elite program too Julie... Dave and I have our first talk on Tuesday the 9th... I begged him to squeeze me in sooner :o)

Rebecca said...

It sounds/looks like leanness lifestyle works for you. I was a sugar freak myself, and to a certain extent still am, just under control. You're so right - we are not created equal. PN works for me.

Congrats on the marathon - I admire your ability to talk about anything over 10 miles with such ease. :)