Thursday, September 13, 2007

Recovery Is Sweet

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful, heartfelt comments and kind words. I appreciate every one of them. Brent-you once mentioned the Berg Slam! Woohoo!! Caroline, I'm glad you got a kick out of the pseudo swear words! They were flowing freely!

Ever since the finish, and even during the race, I find myself comparing this race to last year's race, when in fact, there was no comparison. In the days following the race I have had no back pain, no quad pain, no blister pain. My Achilles have been inflamed and sore, my feet and ankles swollen, but that is not much compared to the pain I have felt during most of these 100's. I think that I am so damn happy to have finished this beast, that this has taken some of the pain away. The brain has so much to do with ultra running, even in recovery.

Tuesday night I had Troy's football game, I was freezing. I decided I might as well jump into a cold bath since I couldn't take the 8 pounds of swell anymore. I finally broke down and asked Steve to let me know when 20 minutes were passed I made it to 12 minutes. During the night I sweated out 4.5 pounds of whatever it is that causes the swelling. Is that water? Tissue? I have no clue. Last night I soaked and again sweated out 3 pounds of grossness. My Achilles now feels great I get get my clothing back on. Tonight I'll take Topaz for a couple miles of walking as Troy rollerblades with us. Tomorrow I'll bike and Saturday and Sunday I'll get my run back on. Tyler has a baseball double header on Sunday, Troy has a football game on Saturday and Steve is doing the mighty bird hunt up north. I'm looking forward to a wonderful weekend at home.

I'm thinking about 2008. I told myself that I wouldn't send my registration to Western until I finished Superior. I guess I better print off that entry. Maria offered to pace me at Western, and she offered Doug to crew for me! It really doesn't get any better than that.

Last year I had the dream the Grand Slam on my mind but didn't get into Western. I didn't really want to think about the Grand Slam or Western until Superior was off my back. Now I find myself thinking I want to go back to Superior to better my time. I really never thought I would. I thought I would rather volunteer and run the marathon. Hu.

Alicia told me while we were running (or jogging that felt like running) Superior that a group of our friends are thinking about heading out to Colorado and trying Leadville. Well, how could I resist that? I ran Vermont this summer and really didn't want to go back, but I sure would for the Grand Slam. That leaves Wasatch. I have heard it is as difficult or more so that Superior. Ouch. 38 hour time limit. Ouch again. Al Holtz, fellow Minnesotan tough ultra runner, was out at Wasatch last weekend and stopped at about 80 miles as he didn't feel he had the time to finish. He finished Superior in 34 last year. This year for 100s he has run McNaughton, Massanutten, Tahoe, Leadville to name a few. Sheesh. Al is going to enter Western and then the Grand Slam if he gets into Western. It has me thinking about it. Real hard. Al says 'come on, Julie, let's do it' That's about all the push I need.

I feel like I should take advantage of all of these little scenarios next year and my health, now, instead of later. Who knows what the future holds.

Guess I'll be printing off that Western States entry, now..


SteveQ said...

Leadville's a gorgeous course with 6 major climbs; I got to pace Allan there this year. Much of it is on roads, like Vermont, and the trail isn't rooty like Superior (there are freezing streams to cross, though). The more time you can spend at altitude beforehand, the better, as the low point is 9600 feet.

Allan's next tough 100 will be the H.U.R.T. in Hawaii. No one has nice things to say about that one.

Olga said...

Go read Ronda's blog on the Slam. Make up your mind. Then just get to work - this part you know:)
It's nice to have a fluid recovery, congrats again!