Friday, September 21, 2007

What's Next?

What's next? That is the question that everyone seems to be asking me now. What race is next, what are your goals for next year?

Well, in the near future, I'll be running 10 miles tomorrow and 15 miles on Sunday. Working the mileage back up there slowly, after an almost full week off last week.

I've run each day this week, only 5-8 miles, some walking, some biking, a few Afterburn workouts. I feel good. Today while running I noticed that my Achilles tendon isn't tight any more. That's a relief. That was all that was bothering me after Superior 100, and it really wasn't a bother. Just a bit of tightness.

What is bothering me right now is a cold so bad that I can't breathe. Troy had this whopper of a cold when I came home from Superior, then Tyler had it, and I knew I'd be next. Usually I can fight off the boys colds, but not post 'run your immune system into the ground' race. My chest actually aches, my head feels like there is cotton stuffed into it and my ears are plugged. It felt quite good to run today and let it drain a bit. Ugh. Nasty stuff.

Race wise I have a few coming up, not much to get too excited about.

Twin Cities Marathon is October 7. What's that? 2 weeks away. I figure it will be a good training run for Ed Fitz 100K the following Saturday. I probably won't run TCM hard; I'll try to think of it as a good old asphalt training run. Sometimes training runs during races don't work so well for me. I like the rush of pushing myself. We'll see.

I think I'll take a hot bath and go to bed. Maybe in the morning my cold will be gone :) I'll be hitting the trail early, the watching Troy play football. Sunday I'll hit the trail early, then watch Tyler's double header. Love these ball weekends! Especially when the forecast is 80F and sunny. Oh yeah! One last summer hurrah.


Olga said...

Hope you're feeling better already:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
Good to hear about your recovery! Looks like you have a busy year planned as well!

I am a request and a question. The first is MORE RECIPES PLEASE! I made to crustless pizza and everyone loved it. It's officially in our dinner rotation.

I also made the pumpkin bars and they were alright. I think I might need to add more spices. Also, I had them in a pan with a tight lid and within 2 days there was a film of MOLD over the top. Bleck. Should these be refridgerated? My next thought is I underbaked them, but they were pretty done almost maybe too much. Thanks for any help!