Monday, October 29, 2007

Goal Setter 2: Attained :)

This is more of a record for me; a record for me to refer to as to what works for me and what doesn't, it's all about fat loss and may be incredibly boring and dry for many of you! There, I warned you :)

My first goal setter went by quite quickly and painlessly. I was getting ready for Superior 100, then ran it, then lost a few pounds of water/bloat and reached the weight loss goal early. I had one 'splurge' meal at Champps Restaurant; a huge, hearty chicken breast sandwich slopped in cheese and avocado and huge salty criss cross cut potatoes. It was divine. Most interesting to me was that this didn't cause the scale to spike upward. I didn't have any sugar, and was completing at least 100 minutes of exercise a day in the form of running, lifting or the stair stepper. I guess this is the reason for the no gain post splurge meal. But still, it was full of sodium. But I drank a ton of water, too.

I learned during my first goal setter that I would not be having a sugar splurge meal. I have learned that I am probably..why can't I just say I AM? Why the 'probably'? I don't know..addicted to sugar. I can't stop. Dave explained during one of our weekly conversation early on 'sugar seems to always have the same outcome for you. One bite and the outcome never differs. You have one bite and always have more. It's like jumping off a cliff, the outcome is always the same. For you, sugar is *probably* an addiction'. Yeah, he's right. Again.

My daily macros during this period per week was: daily average calories of 1401; high of 1909, low of 1104, average breakdown: 35% carb (120 grams), 43% protein ( 148 grams), 22% fat ( 36 grams). On high running days (races) I switched to a higher carb of 200 grams.

I reached my goal setter in 3 weeks and began goal setter 2: to lose 5.5 pounds in 5 weeks. Very reasonable, not real aggressive, totally do-able. Dave's priority is to allow ME SUCCESS. He stated to me over and over again how important it was to be successful during goal 1 and 2, to build confidence and good character. As well as being successful, overall, I guess.

During my second week of goal setter 2, I had my 'splurge' meal. This time it was a huge burrito at Chipotle. A 1200 calorie monster that caused a FOUR pound increase the next day! I wasn't worried at the time, I figured it was sodium and would be gone before I knew it. Wrong wrong wrong. It caused me much distress. Something was in that burrito that caused cravings. When talking with Dave about this burrito and the increase on the scale he let me know that I shouldn't be having splurges UNLESS I am ahead of my goal setter. Oops. Damn. This resulted in my being behind my goal setter for the next few weeks. Only by .5 or so of a pound, but still, behind.

Dave disagrees with my theory that the burrito caused my not catching the goal setter. He tells me that he gives the burrito a week, but not 3 weeks. He's probably right again, but I'm resistant. I ran the Twin Cities Marathon during this period, I had gels and powerade, big carb providers, took in SCAPS (sodium) and had PMS. He states this is the reason the gain lasted for so long. I guess he is right, isn't he.

Finally, last week I caught my goal setter. PMS left me, I ran 92 miles, lifted 3 hours and stair stepped an hour. I was able to drop a few and catch up! My daily average and macros on nutrients are equal to the first goal setter. I have not had a splurge meal since the burrito because I have not been ahead of my goal setter since.

I have not had any sugar, other than in my Hammer Heed and Hammergels. They don't bother me, don't cause me cravings. I use them only when running long distances. I find that I am more afraid of how I may act around sugar or what the outcome may be than what it really is.

Last week it was a coworkers birthday and I had promised I'd make her my Oreo Crunch Brownies. They are deadly to me. Lots of chocolate, lots of fudgy frosting, they have caused much angst in my life. The first bite is divine and then they cause me distress. I made them while chewing gum and snacking on a plateful of raw veggies and it was A OK. I didn't have any. Not one taste. It caused me to be proud of myself and to build up my character a bit. I honored myself.

Another coworker told me his favorite cake was Carrot Cake. Well, I make the best Carrot Cake ever. I have a recipe where I boil two pounds of carrots and puree them, it is so moist, and I use a wonderful cream cheese frosting. I love it and so does everyone else. Well, I told him I'd bake it for him. Then I realized my error and was scared. I made the cake, it was just fine. Again, I chewed gum and then snacked on hard boiled eggs while preparing. I'm not going to offer to bake like this for a while, it is too stressful for me to think about, as I'm thinking about the preparation.

With Thanksgiving arriving soon, I may ask my Mom to create the Pecan Pies. I make a downright deadly Pecan Pie. I use Pampered Chef's 3" deep pie plates. I use 12 whole eggs and brown sugar and butter in each pie. Top with real whipping cream. Fab. I make the best crust. I create 3 of these beauties. Usually I am too full of turkey at Thanksgiving so I have the pie for breakfast the next day. And the next lunch and dinner and before bed and so it goes. It's awful. I only enjoy the FIRST BITE. After that, I'm just feeling fat and like shit and shoveling pecan pie in my mouth. No, I don't think I'll make it this year. Mom can make her little 1" deep pie with margarine and fake cool whip topping. Nobody will probably even care.

Halloween candy kind of freaked me out. I purchased it at Target yesterday and had Tyler and Troy put the bags of candy in their bedrooms. I was honest with them, I told they I couldn't deal with it in the kitchen in a big bowl for the grabbing. They chuckled, told me I'm a nut, and proceeded to take the candy into their rooms. They don't have sugar problems. I told them they could eat what they wanted and Troy will hand it out on Halloween.

Tyler and I have great plans for Halloween. I'm taking Tyler to his first concert: Ozzie Osbourne. Yeah! I'm SO looking forward to it. I scored some awesome floor tickets and we can't wait! I'm so thrilled that he doesn't mind going to his first concert with his Mom!!

Today I created Goal Setter 3: 5 weeks for a 6.5 pound loss. Average exercise per day is 100 minutes, average calories 1300 ( a bit lower from last setter as my weight is down), pretty much 40%, 40% 20% on the macros.

I weighed 144 when I began Leanness Lifestyle Elite. Today I weigh 134.7. I can't even believe it! 10 pounds of fat, and it hasn't been hell. 10 pounds of fat = pants that are too big, quad muscles that aren't covered in fluff, saddlebags that are diminishing and one gal that is feeling pretty damn good about herself. This next goal setter will bring me into the 120's. 128 pounds on December 3.

I'm working on passing my goal setter so I can have that splurge meal. I think I'll stick with the Chicken Cyn Sandwich and Criss Cross Cut Potatoes at Champps!


Anonymous said...

I am TOTALLY into your plan, love hearing your progress!!!

WAY TO GO! That is a lot of work and the results are sooo worth it! You will so light on your feet now! I know what you mean about the cakes and candy. We live in area now where we get zero trick or treaters, thank god! My son likes Baked Lays, I buy a bag occasionally for him. I tell him to hide them. I saw him yesterday riding around on the lawn mower mowing away, eating Baked Lays!! I have told my husband to hide things too. Not the kids, except for the chips. I was never taught portion control or self control in that area. I want to set a better example like you. Those goals are totally doable! Can't wait to hear more!!

Mark H. said...

First... I don't know you Julie, but I have your blog updates pop up on my iGoogle page.

Great job! I am so addicted to sugar. If I eat a high sugar item, I just have to eat more. Why can't I just have a little bit and stop? That's so hard to do.

Just before lunch today someone brought 2 trays of leftover big donuts to the lunchroom. I had to be Very Strong but it helped when I told my friend that was there too: "Nope, I can't have one. I'm training for a Marathon." I will be running my first Marathon in Fargo in May --- that race is so far off, but resisting those foods will helps me meet my goals.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie

Way to go with hitting your goals. I came across something interesting about food addictions recently (wish I could remember where) where the point being made was this...for most addictions (drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc.) the easiesty way to "cure" the problem is to simply not indulge EVER in the behavior. This is simply not possible with food addictions. We must eat to live. We cannot avoid food. Although, as in your case with sugar snacks, we can avoid the specific triggers if we can identify them. I suspect that there are those folks like Skwigg (Renee) who can happy fit sugar cereal & cadbury eggs into a healthy lifestyle and those of us who just need to cut out the triggers.

Olga said...

I am so glad I hate baking, and don't do it well either. Nor do I crave sugar.
I went on what Ronda posted 2 days ago. Feels ok, too ealry to say results yet. Suits my better - lean meats and complex carbs. I'll see...

Good job!

Anonymous said...

great motivation! I'm just about the same weight, and have been trying to get to 128 without losing muscle since last spring...I just found out that I'm still not 'right' on my thyroid medicine and was really low on, now I'm getting back on track with motivation...I'll keep checking in...

Heidi Swift said...

Very cool and very motivating update.
And, I must say, with all the baking descriptions... very mouth watering!

My weakness is alcohol. I don't binge, but I am trained to love my glass or two of wine a night. I give it up in stretches of a few weeks or even months but then I always get back to it.

Thanks for inspiring us all. I linked to your Leanness Lifestyle food log the other day to give an example of how an endurance athlete does not need to eat one billion carbs and my readers really loved it!

keith said...

You have hyper discipline.

It's always inspiring to read your blog. I have the same sugar wackiness - if i have a little i'm going to indulge further.

P.S. your pecan pie sounds like heaven wrapped up in million dollar bills.

Robin said...

Julie, I know what you are saying as far as getting started on sugary snacks and seeing no end. It is hard, but if you can think how "crappy" these foods make you feel, (blood sugar rush then crash) before you indulge it really helps.
My question to you is, how can you exist on so low a calorie count per day? If you are only eating 1300 to 1900 calories a day now, what are you going to be able to exist on later in life when your energy expenditures are not as great. I would be interested to hear what your trainer would say. Is he concerned that you are kind of canabilizing (spelling?) your muscle and bone health and this could be detremental to your body now and in the furture?
Maybe the answers you find will help others that read your blog.
Best wishes and congrats on a great year!