Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rain Running

This morning I again awoke to the thump thump thump of Topaz's tail against my down comforter. He knew that because I didn't awake earlier to the buzz of the alarm and hop onto my treadmill that this must be another vacation day and he was going to get lucky.

It was pouring outside, as promised. After a summer long drought, MN is now 7" over the average year of rain, as we have had a very wet fall.

Troy and Tyler spent the night at friends and would be home between 1030 and 11. I figured I could run from 7-10 and be home before they arrived.

Thankfully, before pulling out of the garage I went back into the house to grab my hat and rain jacket. I wore them the whole time I ran!

During the first 5 miles as Topaz was running ahead of me, he began to cower and walk slowly, apprehensively. I couldn't figure out what could make him look so afraid. Here as I approached Topaz and looked at the direction he was looking, I saw it: a white helium balloon tangled up in the brush. Topaz has a balloon phobia; he has since he was a puppy! Too funny.

As the rain poured upon us I was thinking to myself that I wouldn't trade this morning run in the rain for anything. I enjoyed my three hours of peace, of quiet meditation, of relaxation, of soul searching. I enjoyed the fresh air of the outdoors, the smell of the woods, the different chirps and songs of the birds. I noticed how the earth changes from the dry, hard sand in the summer, to the now soft and mushy grass of the fall, to the bright green mossy areas under the pine trees since it has been wet. The mushrooms are huge, the ponds and rivers are full. The oak leaves are changing from browns and golds to deep russets and maroons. The maples are changing from greens to bright red, orange and yellow. The loons and sand hill cranes have left; the Canadian geese, wood ducks and trumpeter swans are now here. The monarchs are gone; I see bluebirds, blue jays, cardinals, pheasant and grouse. The many many deer are always visible.

I can't imagine not being able to spend some time outdoors running every day. Even in the rain.

Today we ran 20 miles in 3 hours. Nice and easy, steady running. As I pulled into the driveway, the boys were following. The Mom said to me in an animated voice "YOU HAVEN'T BEEN RUNNING IN THIS?!" Well, yeah, I needed my fresh air fix. I wouldn't give it up for anything. It may be selfish to keep those three hours to myself, but now, the rest of the day is for the boys. They are talking about going to the movies, the water park or indoor golf. The rest of the day I'm here for them.

I'm grateful for today.


keith said...

i'm grateful for your blog. the rain was certainly lovely this morning. i was pretending to be amphibious.

Anonymous said...


I ran my first 100 miler in Kansas last weekend! Threat of rain all race, but only got 20-30 minutes worth. But I enjoyed that part and took whatever weather came our way - even the 30mph winds. Finished in 24:30 with my three kids running beside me the last 1/4 mile. Your attitude towards running is contagious, and I just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration and wisdom you've shared on this blog. Brent

Anonymous said...

Amen sister. This is the first thing I read this morning and am grateful for you sharing and opening my eyes.

Honestly, I do get to the 20 miles n 3 hours and go ACK! GULP!

But again, you are an amazing inspiration!

Have fun today with the boys!

Julie B said...

Congratulations Brent! Wow, what an awesome feeling for you and an incredible achievement..and to have your children with you, what fun! Glad your first 100 went so well!

Carilyn said...

Hi Julie,

What a great post! Sounds like a wonderful run. So jealous, as I had to run on the treadmill this morning - ick! Still hoping to see you at Ultracentric, although I know getting to Texas is tough!


Emma said...

Sounds like heaven Julie!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,

It's Phil - I've been reading but now posting comments - you are the greatest!!

I have a few questions on my upcoming 50 miler - can I have your email address?

Thanks, :) phil

Julie B said...

Phil! I thought I lost you!! I'm glad you are still here. I think of you running along the ocean, watching the dolphins. Has your foot pain become better? It was PF, wasn't it?Yes, yes, yes, ask away about training for your 50 miler. It still suprises me that I know something about that, it wasn't too long ago that I was asking questions to finish my first 50 miler too! Glad to hear from you again :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Julie. Yes, PF knocked me out last year, but I've come back with a year of training (P90X + running + swimming) and I am in the last few months before the Catalina Island 50 in Jan - YIKES!!! I stopped posting cuz I felt ashamed of dropping out last year - well, you know how we can be on ourselves.

3 months to the 50 - I am terrified!! :) It's cool!!

I printed out your whole blog - seriously :) - 3 notebooks full and I'm studying away :) You really are amazing girl.

I'll pop you an email soon - thanks so much!!

Congratulations on your great year - especially Superior Sawtooth - you just ROCK Julie!!

:) big hug, phil

Travis said...

I love the "you ran in this?" comment. It really does not matter what the weather is, non-runners always ask that. I always tell them you have to be careful with saying "it's too (insert current weather conditions here)" You'll never get anything done if you live by it's too warm, too cold, too nice :)

I hope all is well