Saturday, October 06, 2007

Summers' Last Hurrah?

Today is an absolutely perfect day .. in my book. It is hot and humid, a lovely 87F, I am totally digging it. Tomorrow it could all be gone, in a flash.

This morning Topaz and I headed out for a 10 mile run. It was beautiful. Began the run with a flashlight, then watched the big red ball of a sun rise out of the ground. Beautiful. Put away the light, took out my sunglasses and enjoyed the next few hours. With all of yesterday's rain, the ponds and creek were nice and plump for Topaz to lay in.

Kimbot let me know that she knows of no one that runs a 10 mile run the day before the marathon. I had to chuckle, it hadn't crossed my mind!

Troy had his first Championship football playoff game today. They won every game during the season, so were given trophies today. They won today's game too, pretty sweet. Coach bought everyone Dairy Queen following the game.

After the football fun I had to go to the Expo mayhem. I hate Expo's. Especially the Twin Cities Marathon Expo. It's crazy crowded ( at least on Saturday at 230), traffic is a nightmare and it's just a big cluster fuck. I hate that I have to drive 75 miles one way to collect a race packet. I think I can actually have this mailed out to me. I'll check out that option. I don't like crowds, I don't like shopping, I don't like Expo's. I went in at 237 and exited the RiverCenter at 248. Pretty quick for all the complaining I just did.

On the way home I stopped at Trader Joe's. Now, Trader Joes, I just love. Fage yogurt, at 20 grams of protein per cup, Just Chicken that rocks, seasoned turkey breasts, chicken sausages, great herbed salad mixes. It took the bad taste of the Expo out of my mouth.

So,yeah, tomorrow is the Twin Cities Marathon. 26 miles of asphalt with crowds of people spectating and screaming 'you look good' 'just a bit further' 'keep going'. It has become tiresome.

I love ultra's. I love the no Expo crap. I love the trail. I love the woods. I love the handful of crew members along the way. I love the no hype. I don't know that I could do an IronMan because of all of the people and hype. Blech. It must be a marathon on steroids.

No plan for tomorrow. Just running a long training run .. for what, I don't know. No more Ed Fitz next week. I still can't believe Ed Fitz 100K is cancelled. I'll be running just to run. Take some pictures. Probably take me about 4+ hours. Will be home in time for Tyler's baseball games.

I'll have to drive to Minneapolis or St. Paul, park at a hotel, bus to the start, finish, bus to the hotel and drive home. That's kind of a pain, too.

This week was crazy busy. Between guitar lessons, baseball, football, township and county meetings, oh, and 14 hours of training..I feel like I've been going non stop. Well, I'll have 14 hours of training in as I know it will take me at least 4 hours to run tomorrow. Hey, if it takes me 5 hours, a big 15 hours of training for me. That will surpass last week's 14 hours. Rock on.

I guess this is the last race of the year for me. That's kind of sad. My next race isn't until the Northwoods Snowshoe Marathon, in Duluth, in January. Man, that seems a long way out.

I'm developing my training plan for October through December. I'll maintain at 50-60 miles a week, lift 3x a week, get in a few back to back long runs every other week. In December I'll find out about Western and then put together a crazy physco run hard and fast training plan if I get in.

Leanness Lifestyle Elite is going well. I'm .8 of a pound off my goal setter, have lost just under 5 pounds so far..very doable..not aggressive, slow and sure. Yeah, I have sugar cravings now and then and had a few mishaps with a certain cinnamon raisin bagel but, I'm not perfect!

Have a great run, Twin City Marathoners! See you out on the course.


Coach Jen said...

Help me understand. It sounds like you hate everything about the TC Marathon yet you still run it year after year. I don't get it. Why put yourself thru it when you can go to Duluth and do the Midnight Sun Grand Traverse the same weekend?

Kim said...

I know what you mean about road marathons. I ran the Akron Marathon last week and it was tiring to hear "you're going to finish!" or "almost there" time after time. Oh well they meant well.
I'm off for some trail running today!

Julie B said...

Lisa, I've never heard of the Duluth race. A marathon + Distance? I'll have to google it. I run the TCM each year because it is here, because it is an easy long training run before Ed Fitz, which I loved, the following week. I can usually use the asphalt training this time of the year after trail running most of the summer. That's why. No travel involved, just an hour away from my house. I enjoy the running part of the TCM, the lakes, the changing of the leaves, it takes me back to my second marathon ever that I ran at TCM. I guess those are the reasons why. I guess I better get into the car and drive to Minneapolis to get this run started :) Maybe today I'll find many more reasons why I run TCM year after year. Today is TCM #7 and my 20th marathon. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie, I just did Great Illini iron distance triathlon. Very low key. You don't have to do the official Ironman if you want a low key event. There are generic iron distances that are smaller and cheaper to enter.