Friday, November 16, 2007


Winter is in the air. I had to turn off the water to the hoses yesterday. Topaz's pool has thin film of ice upon the surface each morning. By the time the boys are jumping on the trampoline in the afternoon, and Topaz is running laps around the tramp, the ice is melted and he can immerse his hot tired body into the pool. But not for long! Soon I will have to put his pool away.

Last night the wind was whipping. Out came the long pants, ear band, even a neck gaiter! Ech. It seems too early, but really, mid November is probably right on schedule for cold air. Topaz and I enjoyed 8 miles last night on the trail, running along with the deer. As we were coming around a corner I spotted an odd sight. I saw a deer that didn't have a long white tail. It looked like it was docked. The tail was a stub, laying flat against his butt. Do we have mule deer in the area? Or was he just deformed? Very strange that I haven't seen him before.

This weekend I'll run a 50K Fat Ass with friends at the Murphy Hanrehan Park Reserve. We'll run a 50K and Les is hosting a pot luck afterward. What fun! I can't wait.

The rest of the weekend is all about Thanksgiving preparation. I have decided I can prepare the pecan pies without gorging on sugar, I'm strong, I'm OK. I can do it. I'm also putting together every one's favorite Christmas cookies.

We celebrate an early Christmas at Thanksgiving with my parents. They head out to Texas on the Saturday following Thanksgiving and I won't see them again until March, when we head to Padre Island for Spring Break. Mom has her FINAL chemo on Wednesday in Duluth; they'll head to our place following her appointment. Thursday is turkey day and Friday we're all going to the Science Museum to see the Pompeii display. Saturday they head for warmer climates and I have the Afton Fat Ass fun day. Another day of running with my friends in the woods, with a pot luck following. I'm loving it!

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Heather V. said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and stay strong on the no sugar. :) I Love reading your blog you inspire me to keep at it one day at a time. I know this running thing and food thing will all come together one of these days. :)