Monday, December 24, 2007


Steve Quick asked what halushkis were. They are a wonderful potato-flour dumpling, mixed with bacon and cabbage. They have become a tradition that I serve at least a few times a year.

Here is the recipe, then I'll post the pics. I grate 10 pounds of potatoes. It sucks. I hurt my knuckles and tear up my fingernails. But my family loves halushkis so I continue to make them! After grating the potatoes, measure them out. I usually have 11 cups.

Add at least have of the cups you have of potatoes, as flour. (11 cups of potatoes - 5.5 cups of flour, to begin with) I added 6 cups of flour, not dry enough, then ended up adding a total of 11 cups of flour. Sometimes it works that way potato cups = flour cups. I don't think you can EVER add too much flour.

Form into golf ball size balls. Add to boiling water and boil for 25 minutes. Scoop out of water and place into crock pot.

Fry up two pounds of bacon until almost crisp. Add two heads of cabbage, sliced up. YUM!

Add bacon and cabbage to crock pot and heat on low for two hours before serving.



Runner Susan said...

would a food processor work to grate the potatoes?

Julie B said...

Hey Susan, I once used a food processor but the potatoes became too 'soggy' after I boiled them. I think the processor made them too fine. However, if you have an attachment that makes thicker grated pieces, that might work. I'd try just a few, first.