Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I'm not a very consistent blog reader. I try to visit my favorite bloggers at least once a week, but many times, I am not even making a weekly visit.

Carilyn tagged me on her blog a while back. I have never been 'tagged' and wasn't sure what it meant. How lame am I? I was grateful that Carilyn left a comment for me, letting me know that she had tagged me.

As far as I can tell, the game must go as follows: a blogger 'tags' you, and you then answer the questions that a previous blogger (in this case, Olga) tagged them with. So now I am tagged and will answer the questions posted.

1) What is your most memorable moment in a race? I don't believe this means a race in 2007. I'll interpret it to mean any race at all. What comes to mind is my first 100 mile race, at McNaughton. I was running through the start/finish at 70 miles and Race Director, Andy, told me I was first woman. I told him "Andy, that is asinine, it can not be". He assured me that it was, and alas, I did come in first woman.

2) What is the best new trail you discovered in 2007? I think the ONLY new trail I ran on in 2007 was the 10 mile loop at Murphy. I did a 50K Dog Pack Fat Ass there in November, and it was fabulous. I'm anxious to go back out there.

3) My best performance in 2007? Well, I'd have to choose Superior Sawtooth 100, since I DNF'd there last year at 70 miles. I don't know that it was my BEST performance, but it was better than last years!

4) I do not know how I previously survived without: Hammer Heed and Hammer Gel Chocolate Espresso.

5) The person I would most like to meet at a race in 2008: My dad. We ran Grandmas Marathon together when he turned 60 in 1999. I'd love to meet him at a race in 2008.

6) The race I'm most afraid of in 2008? Leadville 100. I have never been there, I fear the unknown, but you know..I'll feel the fear and do it anyway :)

Because I am not much of a blog player I am not going to tag anyone. I apologize if I am a party pooper!

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