Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Fun Run

Time flies by so quickly. Seems that I go into work on Monday morning and before I know it I am leaving Friday afternoon. I can't believe how quickly time goes. I no longer think to myself "I wish it was Friday". Friday is always right around the corner.

This week I was busy with meetings and appointments. I did manage to get Topaz and I out to the trail to snowshoe each evening for 5-8 miles. One of my meetings wrapped up at 845 PM and I didn't need to be at the High School to pick up the boys until 1000 PM, returning from Snowboard Club, so I was able to fit in a good hard workout on the stair stepper at the gym. That is the workout that gets my heart rate to flat line. I stepped at a level 13 (out of 20) for 60 minutes. My MHR was 188; my AHR was 175. It is a workout that totally kicks my ass. And lungs. I was amazed to see 5 people at the gym at 9 PM. You see, there is hardly NEVER more than 3 people at the gym I attend. NEVER. It's crazy. Even after New Year's and nobody is working out. Crazy.

Last night we watched Eight Below. Troy and I saw it at the theatre 2 years ago and he wanted to Netflix it. I had forgotten how sad it is. It is a wonderful movie, but I cried during the whole thing. Happy tears, sad tears, happy tears. If you have a special attachment to a certain dog, you will cry steadily. Even if you don't have a love for animals, it is very good family movie. I was emotionally spent afterward and went to bed to read Pillars of the Earth. It's such a wonderful book. 1000 pages worth of great reading. I'm so glad there is a sequel. I'll have to pick it up tomorrow.

Today Topaz and I went out for a 3 hour snowshoe run. We didn't see any wildlife this morning. Topaz sniffed out a few wolf tracks but we never did come across anything. I saw tracks from someone pulling a sled. I never did see a vehicle or a person, but the tracks were fresh. Who is out there pulling a sled? Training for Arrowhead 135? I followed the tracks for a while but never saw anyone. Strange.

It looks like the cold snap of the winter is going to hit next weekend. Just in time for the Northwoods Snowshoe Marathon in Duluth. Figures! Temperatures are calling for below 0 lows and single digit highs. Wearing layers is a good thing. I might even try some foot warmers to shove into my shoes. Anybody out there running this with me? There usually aren't too many takers, especially for the marathon. There is a 10K and 1/2 marathon option available.

Today I am going to hit the hill snowboarding with the boys. They are getting SO much better than me. It's kind of embarrassing!


mh said...

I thought about your dog this morning. One of my boys was on a sleepover last night. When I picked him up, his friend's Border Collie was running around their yard. As I was watching, and then greeting their dog, all I was thinking was, "You really look like you want to RUN!!!" I may just have to take their dog out for exercise sometime!

Anonymous said...

Not joining you, but will be on the side lines cheering you on!!


Anonymous said...

Since you are google earth-ing my position... I figured you would be curious about a hit from Germany. I am a 100-miler wannabe. I live in Germany with 3 kids, 6,5, and 3 my husband is deployed to Iraq. We are 8 months into a 15 month deployment. (US Army)
I am filling the time on a treadmill upstairs and wishing I could be out on the trails here in this gorgeous country. I am running my 2nd marathon in April in Wuerzburg, Germany.
Someday it will be a 100 miler.
You are an encouragement!
I'm a firm believer in healed marriages. Stay strong.

runningtwig said...

I've been reading your blog for a while and I'm always amazed by what you do with running, eating, etc. You are an inspiration to me and I'm sure many others. Just wanted to say thanks!

marathonP said...

Hi Julie,

I did it Julie, my first 50 Miler on Catalina Island.

What an experience :)

Thanks for inspiring me and showing me the way Julie.

Big Hug, phil

Julie B said...

PHIL!!! I saw a Phil from CA on the finishing list and I was SOOOOO hoping that it was you! I am so proud of you and oh so happy! YAY YOU! PF and all, and look at you! Oh my goodness, I was thinking about you ALL weekend. I am so so so so happy for you, Phil. SEE, you CAN do anything YOU set your mind to!! I firmly believe it. FIRMLY. WOOHOO!

Runner Susan said...

I've never been snowboarding, but I think it would be so much fun!

AndyTheRunner said...

Wow, running in snow shoes. I have only seen real snow shoes once.
I live in Florida so that seems like another world to me. It sounds beautiful. Reminds me of the movie White Fang.
Stay warm.

Here is a link to some pictures from a 30k race we had here in Tallahassee this weekend. We use different winter gear than you guys.


marathonP said...

Thanks Julie - you really are my inspiration. To be able to tell you, "I DID IT!", well, that may be the sweetest feeling of all.

:) phil