Thursday, January 31, 2008

Things To Make Me Smile

Another MN weather report: you know, all of this outdoor running, the weather is always noticed.

Today it heated up to 13F. Oh yeah. You know what? School was actually delayed two hours yesterday due to cold temps. I woke up at 415 for my treadmill run and at 5am caught the news that school was delayed. I let the boys sleep, then grabbed Topaz and headed for the trail. -35F wind chill didn't feel too bad and heck, I had two extra hours! It was awesome.

So today at 13F, it felt pretty good. Topaz and I ran the trail, without snowshoes for 8 miles. It was pretty slippery with the melt during the weekend and the refreeze.

Yesterday an Editor from Trail Runner Magazine called me. She interviewed for me quite some time, mainly focusing on the Northwoods Snowshoe Marathon. It was a new experience for me, interviewing. I'll post a link here when her article is finished.

Today Hammergel Nutrition contacted me. Katie let me know that had I registered as a VIP Athlete with Hammer Nutrition, I would have won $1500 cash OR $1000 in Hammer Nutrition products since I came in First Woman for the Northwoods Snowshoe Marathon. Here I had just placed a $197 order too and I had no idea of the VIP Athlete Sponsorship. I do now!

AND..I'm going to begin coaching a Woman's Beginning Running class with MDRA (Minnesota Distance Running Association) in April. I am so excited! I'll have completed my Level 1 USAFT Coaching Certification and will be ready to go to the next level. It's just what I have wanted to do for quite some time. I'm finally ready to step out of my comfort zone and try it.

And get this..Wil contacted me about my blister and asked if I'd be interested in a contest. Well, certainly, any contest is a good contest..especially when she is going to send me a free box of socks to try out and write about..can't beat that! More details to come...

...all the little things that make a gal smile :)


Bev said...

The pieces are really falling into place, huh. Congratulations on them all.

Damon said...


I saw the notice in the new Hammer catalog about payouts for athletes who finish well. I kind of laughed at it, knowing that I'll continue to buy all of my supplies from Hammer based on my finishing times. But, you should probably do whatever you need to do to be eligible for those payouts.

Soon, you'll be like Nascar driver with all kinds of sponsor patches on your running clothes.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy about the national recognition you are getting. Nobody I know works as hard as you. I can't wait to see the article in trail runner.
Karen G

Tom said...

Julie; That is fantastic!!! all the hard work has paid off. if we call it hard??
glad to see the blister pic gone

keith said...

Wow! Congratulations! That is so cool! I would like to know more about the coaching thing. I was just thinking about how cool it would be to help others reach their goals this morning while I was on the ol' gerbil wheel.

Again, congratulations...You continue to amaze & inspire!

Carilyn said...

Congrats on so many great things coming your way! You deserve it! I can't wait to read the article!

Kel said...

Sounds like a good karma week! May there be many more :)