Thursday, March 27, 2008

End of Snow Shoeing?

During my run yesterday I found myself spotting grass along the way! The areas along the open meadows are finally melting and the grass is beginning to show itself. Oh Joy! I know, I know, I live in Minnesota and I shouldn't complain of snow, but really, I have done quite well this winter. I didn't fall into the deep depression that I normally do. I kept the weight loss moving, stayed away from sugar and didn't fall apart when my personal baggage wanted to bring me down. It's actually been quite a good winter.

But I'm ready for Spring.

Actually, after Spring Break, the school year flies by very swiftly. Before I know it I will be loving summer vacation. I will be spending days at the pool, enjoying the boys, running with Topaz and enjoying races with friends. Good stuff.

While Topaz and I were running last night, he ran right over a sharp rock that was protruding out of the snow. It tore up his paw pad a bit. Of course he wouldn't walk with me off the trail to the car. He wanted to run. I had to snap his leash on and walk him off the trail to the car. End of run. I certainly didn't want him to injury himself even more. When we arrived home I washed his paw and poured peroxide onto it. I spoke with our vet who wasn't too worried and told me just to keep an eye on it and watch for infection. He told me to let Topaz do as he likes, but I know better. He'd run 30 miles with me today if I'd let him. He will stay home and rest while I go to the gym to get on the stair stepper for an hour. I'll be stepping off a meal at PF Changs. Yum!


Rachael Hanel said...

Hi Julie! I stumbled across your blog trying to find more information about Minnesota trail runners. I'm very interested in joining the Upper Midwest Trail Runners group. Could you email me? I have some questions. My email is rhanel (at) hickorytech (dot) net.

How wonderful to have such an energetic running partner!
When I was looking for a dog I seriously thought about a border collie! I loved the descriptions of how much they can run. My four-legged partner is almost 9 and slowing down quite a bit. No more runs for him. He's a whippet and was a faithful runner for many years. My hubby and I are pretty sad about it and wish dogs didn't age so quickly!

Runnin-from-the-Law said...

I hear ya - I'm ready for the snow to go away too! I enjoyed reading your blog.

elizabeth said...

I like to drop in and read your blog from time to time. You have such an amazingly positive attitude, so great! I live in Montana and am impressed with how you and Topaz take the MN winter in stride and just keep running! I keep active running my 4 dogs during the winter, but definitely am not running 20 miles through the snow!

I was wondering what you favorite snowshoe for running is? Also what Golite pack do you like?
Thank you, Elizabeth.

Julie B said...

Hi Rachael, I'll send you an email. I'm very excited about UMTR. I'm honored to be a part of the founding board. Yes, Topaz is an awesome running partner!

Hi Elizabeth, I have the Golite Rush Pack. I use it on solo long runs (30+ miles) and I used it at Superior 100 because there are hours between aid stations. I wouldn't use it on races with plenty of aid stations or shorter runs. For snowshoes, I have the Northern LIghts Elites. You can find them online. They ship out of WI.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Julie.
I will check out the Northern Lites Elite snowshoe. I have a pair of Atlas but they are not for running. I wonder if you or anybody reading this blog has heard anything good about the Crescent Moon Gold Series 12 Performance Snowshoes?