Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yet Another Snowy Run

After receiving over an inch of rain yesterday, this morning I awoke to a ground covered with snow. About 3" of the white stuff fell over the night, and it has been snowing and blowing all day.

I and Topaz hit the trail early for 15 miles as Troy needed to be to the rifle range for gun club at 10 AM.

We ran through the snow, the cold, the wind. Back out came the pants, hats and mittens. Oh well, it won't last for long!

The ponds are all full, the swans and geese looked happy. Topaz enjoyed a dip here and there.

Poor Troy; he stood outside for three hours sighting in guns and playing hunter. He's ready for deer season. He passed his test. This year all three of them will be heading off for deer season. Good thing I have Javelina Jundred planned during that time :)


Steve said...

Julie, your genuine enthusiasm for running is always inspiring. Reading your posts always reminds me of why I started to run ultras....for fun!! Thanks for the inspiration.

keith said...

You have been tagged by Keith.
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