Thursday, August 07, 2008

Foot Potion and Coaching

As some of you have already noticed (and THANK YOU for the orders!!), I have decided to offer my super blister magic Foot Potion to you for sale. By clicking on the picture of the Foot Potion on the side bar you will be directed to my Foot Potion/Coaching page.

I swear, blisters have been the bane of my running! They are the only injury - if you call a blister an injury - I have had. They can be debilitating, especially when you are trying to finish a race that you have been training for and a stupid batch of 110 blisters .. or a few ..pop up. It can be the end of the race. Sad, but true.

Once I began mixing up this Foot Potion I no longer had blisters. Amazing. It's white and thick, just like a silicone glove. I use it for chafing on my bra line and other areas, I sometimes spread it upon my feet at night and cover with a light sock while I sleep. It makes my feet nice and healthy :)

Please note: All orders that are confirmed AFTER 5 AM Saturday, August 9 will be shipped upon my return from Leadville on August 18.

Coaching classes: please contact me via email at for availability of all classes and online training as well as any questions you may have. I am offering two in person classes in the fall and I may add another beginning woman's class as it fills quickly.

I am currently studying for the NSCA-CPT so I will have credibility in offering training for strength and conditioning as well. Thank you to my Beginning Woman's Run Group clients for inspiring me to go after the certification.


Kel said...

Love the logo on your foot potion Julie :)

Good luck on your NSCA-CPT exam!

Carilyn said...

I am so excited for you! So many wonderful things in your life, Julie. Huge congrats!