Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Power of Positive Thinking

This has been a fabulous weekend. It has felt really good to be back home. I missed home!

Yesterday Topaz and I went out for our first long run since I left. He stayed with Grandma and Grandpa at the cabin on Lake Vermilion while we were on vacation. He had a wonderful time. Grandma took him for plenty of walks and Grandpa allowed him to sit in his lap and give him kisses. But oh, how he missed me. We've been running 5-8 miles each day, but it just isn't the same as the fun longer run.

I slept in until 6 when I heard the thump thump thump of Topaz's tail against my mattress. I pulled on my running clothes, filled bottles with water for Topaz, Heed for me, and off we went to the Blue Hill Trail.

The deer flies were gone! What a relief! We pranced and frolicked through the woods, no DEET, no swatting of flies, no rolling on the ground trying to get away from them! Sweet.

All but one of the ponds are now dry. I carried two bottles of water for Topaz and 1 for me. He drank every few miles and soaked good and long in the one available pond. I ran out of Heed before he ran out of water.

As we were running past an old oak tree two pilieated woodpeckers flew out at us. They began to circle around us, making their loud shrill tune. I don't know if they had baby birds in that tree or if we were just interrupting their feeding time but they were not happy with us there.

30 miles later and it was time to head home.

I met Bonnie and Marie for lunch at Benihana post run. Great way to re-fuel! We ate and caught up with one another. I meet Bonnie and Marie each month for lunch, otherwise time goes by too quickly and months will go past before we catch up. I congratulated Bonnie on becoming Grandma and Marie on finishing her triathlon last week. Good stuff! Bonnie and I ran our first 50 mile race together at Ice Age; where Marie ran the 50K. We all ran the Voyaguer 50 together..Marie's first 50 and number 2 for Bonnie and I. We've been good friends since.

The three of us will be running Twin Cities Marathon in October. Good fun.

The Benihana fueled me so well I was ready for more today. I didn't intend on going long, but it was cool, and it just felt so good.

30 miles. Nothing like back to back 30's that feels like a walk in the park. I thought I'd be recovering from Leadville this week, but the 60.5 didn't take anything out of me, darnet! I saved too much. Saved too much and was never able to expend it on the trail.

I went to the gym this afternoon and was able to do 50 chin ups AFTER I worked back and shoulders! Usually I have to do the chin ups first or I can only squeeze out 20. Nobody was there, so I just kept at it. 5 sets of 10.

This next week will be time at the gym, a few stair stepping sessions, 5-7 miles each day with Topaz. Next weekend we'll go to the cabin on Vermilion and the weekend after..

Superior Sawtooth 100 is up in 2 weeks. I love the Superior Hiking Trail. The Superior races are fantastic. I can't wait. This year I am not afraid, not tense, not cringing with fear and anticipation. I'm just enjoying it all. I'm looking forward to spending some time (alot of time) on the trail, meeting some new people and sharing time with old friends. It truly is a party on the trail.

I went back to work on Wednesday. Instead of depressing myself with thoughts of "oh my gosh, in 14 days I have to go back to work; oh my gosh, in 13 days I have to go back to work, oh my gosh, in 12 days I have to go back to work" and fretting over it, I have finally changed my thinking. Tuesday I thought "boy, I sure have enjoyed this summer vacation. I am so happy I have a job where I can have 8 weeks off" it made going back to work so much nicer. I like my job, I like the people I work with; I don't know why I've cringed each fall when I've had to go back for the past 5 years! Crazy.

I've just picked cucumbers, tomato, potato, carrot, onion and peppers from the garden. They are sliced on the grill with chicken and corn on the cob. I've created another fantastic Dorie Dessert that is in the freezer and two loaves of bread are almost done in the oven.

I'm hungry!


Anonymous said...

Julie- you are such an inspiration. Thanks for always bringing a smile to my face. Do you have any tips for running your first half marathon? I would love some advice.

Julie B said...

Thanks! First of all, congratulations on entering your first 1/2 marathon! That is awesome. Be sure to have run a long run of at least 10 miles; then all you will have left is 3 and you will be able to run another 3 for sure. Be sure to train with what you will be eating during the race. For a 1/2, gels should be sufficient .. I would take one each 30 minutes. I wouldn't weigh myself down with a bottle for a first 1/2. I would drink from the aid stations. I would bring a camera, though! There are some nice waist packs that are relatively small that you could stash the camera and gels into. Most of all, HAVE FUN! You only get one first 1/2 marathon, make sure you take it all in, enjoying all that is around you, enjoying your experience and your finish!!

kelly said...

Julie, you are just amazing!! How do you keep so motivated to keep running day after day? How do you deal with burn-out? I am really struggling right now. Sometimes it is so hard to get out the door. Help!!