Friday, August 29, 2008

Superior Sawtooth 102.5 One Week From Today :)

This morning as I was running on my treadmill before work I realized "wow, one week from today I'll be running the SHT, sweet!" not "oh my god. one week from today and I'll be running the Superior Sawtooth 102.5" with that pain in the stomach feeling paralyzing me. Oh, that is fear. I'm not afraid! I notice a definite shift of feelings when I am running a race that I am familiar with, and have finished, rather than a race where I am unfamiliar with the course and have not yet finished.

The Superior Sawtooth is a home course; a home race. However last year I was still quite nervous as I had DNF'd at 77 miles the year prior (2006 report). I knew the course, but wasn't sure that I could tackle the mileage. Now I know that my body can hold up to the toughness of the is the most difficult course that I have run upon..I know that 38 hours is adequate for me to cover the course (I ran it in a l o n g 35:35 last year 2007 report)mentally, this is a huge lift going into the race for me. I'm such a baby. I fret over the unknown. Always. Anything can happen in 38 hours. No matter how many times the same race is run, an injury, stomach upset or weather can be catastrophic and can end the race so quickly. I'm certainly hoping for the best. My first goal is of course to finish, but I'd love to PR too. 32 hours would be super sweet.

This week I've been running with Topaz on the trail after work, on the treadmill before work, getting used to my new schedule. A few weight lifting sessions and stair stepping sessions. I rode my bike into work and home each day. I'm baking in my 'too much' spare time. We're going to the cabin in the morning for the last long holiday of summer and I've baked three different types of brownies to bring along. Good grief. The less I eat the more I bake. The less I run the more I bake. What's up with this? I don't know. I love to bake and it seems as though I'm leaning toward sugary desserts. What a surprise.

I just unpacked my dropbags this week from Leadville 100 and now I will repack for Superior this next week. In the past packing dropbags has always stressed me out. This time, I don't feel stressed. Maybe because I realize it isn't worth the effort of becoming stressed. Who needs it? After work on Thursday I'll head to Two Harbors for the packet pick up fun and then on week from right time !!

Have a great long weekend..I'll be enjoying a few short runs with Topaz on the Lake Vermilion shoreline :)


Engineer Baker said...

Have I mentioned how crazy you are? Or how impressed I am at the mileage you have to put in for those ultras? I'm freaking out because I have a half marathon in 3 weeks for goodness' sake!

Julie B said...

ENJOY your 1/2! It is a real big deal and one you should enjoy and be monumentally proud of!!

I just re-read my post of my Superior Report last year. It refreshed my mind of all of the pain, the tough, bad ass, technical, rocky and rooty trail that the SHT is and how exhausting 102.5 miles is to run upon it!

Carol said...

Julie - good for you on not giving into the fear as in the past. What has helped you make this great shift? Good luck on the SHT! I will talk to you more next week! :)

Anonymous said...

Im so impressed as well.

avwsed weight lifter.
new running.

you inspire me.

Kurt said...

Good luck Julie !!!