Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No Tuesday With Dorie

This week the recipe is for Dimpled Plum Cake. Because none of us really dig plums and because I baked two German Chocolate cakes in the last week and because I baked Oreo Crunch Brownies on Saturday, I just can not work in another pound of butter and cups and cups of sugar.

This morning I threw out two brownies and a few cookies. My family had enough. They were dry and not so great looking. I am finding that in my weak moments I am thinking about the bags of chocolate in the cupboards, the whole milk and whipping cream in the fridge along with the pounds of butter. I have never purchased so many pounds of butter.

I love Dorie's cookbook. I have baked many many recipes from it and they have been wonderful. I have not baked a better pie than Dorie's Blueberry. I don't know that I want to bake another creation every week. I'll bake as I choose and what I choose. I have enjoyed the Tuesday with Dorie recipe each week..but I am finished.

Now, is there a Paleo Eating for Athletes Group out there? That is my next project..a resource for us.


Karen G said...

Julie- I say quit before your boys and husb weigh 300 lbs each!!! It is a good thing you have boys too and not teenage girls.

SteveQ said...

Tuesdays with Dorie and Paleo Diet? That's two different worlds!

Julie B said...

You are right Karen. Enough of the baking of sweets every day. I have been eating Paleo for Athletes for quite some time. I'm suprised that I still can't really find that many blogs of Paleo eaters and hardly non of athletes eating Paleo for Athletes.

Anonymous said...

I stubbled on your blog and was intruged by the fact that you bake all those treats but eat so healthy. I couldn't do that every week. I would be too tempted and I wouldn't want my husband to chunk out!

There are actually lots of Paleo resources and blogs out there as well as books. If you follow strict Paleo as I have done on and off in the past, you must adjust your fruit intake to keep your energy levels up and you must include things such as sweet potatoes (right now I'm not following Paleo but rather the potato chip diet). I tried restricting to fresh salmon, chicken from local farms, fresh buffalo, eggs, walnuts, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado and fresh pork with little fruit and tons of greens. I found that I needed LOTS of fresh fruit such as berries and apples to keep up my energy. Play with the diet and find what works for you. Do it in the off season though. I follow it a few times per year. Why? I'm only human and love to indulge during the summer months and over the holidays. I still follow it to a degree through out the year because it makes me feel good. Also, I need my gels and energy drinks during ultras and will eat anything that appeals to me during ultras. STRICT Paleo diet (no potatoes or bananas, etc.)was not meant for endurance athletes. Many women don't follow it because many times a Paleo diet is high in fat but the good fat. I find the more good fats I eat, the more satisfied I feel. Good luck! Here are some links:





Matthew Patten said...

Adam Harmer was playing around with the Paleo diet.

I have been reading up on adjusting my nutrition, and might make some changes. I have been following Stu Mittleman.

I have found that Paleo, Mediterranian, and Stu Milttleman's plans all have similar concepts.

I don't think I have the discipline to do it correctly for the long haul. I am also skeptical of a diet which eliminates ice cream and beer. :)

Runner Susan said...

Hi Julie, the article is up on Complete Running today . . . check it out. I'll be interested to know if you get some hits from it.

Anonymous said...

When anything becomes a chore instead of "fun" it needs to be reevaluated as to how it fits into your life. As something evolves from a "want to" to a "have to" we end up serving it instead of it serving us.

That includes everything from training for an event to baking.

Kudos to you, Julie, for recognizing that fact and reminding us of that universal law.

I love to bake, too, and want to say that your pictures of your creations that you have posted are awesome. They should be on the cover of magazines they are so beautiful.

Congrats on your continued running success. You are an inspiration. Our future is limitless.