Friday, September 26, 2008

October Racing

October has always been a racing month for me. Since I first began running marathons I have always run the Twin Cities Marathon. I believe next Sunday will be the 8th consecutive Twin Cities Marathon that I will be running. For the past few years I was running TCM as a training run for the Ed Fitz 100K. Sadly that race is no longer.

The weekend after TCM is the Glacial Trail 50K/50M. I haven’t yet entered but I will be there running. This is the final race as part of the UMTR Fab 50’s. I haven’t ever run the course before, I’m sure looking forward to it.

The week after Glacial Trail is the Big Woods Nerstrand Races. Nerstrand is part of the MN Trail Series. I’ve run the half marathon here a few times, it is a very quaint race. Lots of homemade pie, soups and bars for the post race and last year I won a jar of homemade jam. How cool is that! The leaves are changing, it is a beautiful time of year for this race. Last year the course was held on gravel roads because the trail was to wet. I’m hoping we’ll be moved back to the trail this year!

I don’t believe I have a race the final week of October. November 1 brings Surf the Murph! This is a 25K/50K race that will be held at the Murphy-Hanrehan Park in Savage. Les held a ‘fat ass’ style run on this course last year and it was fabulous fun. This year he is taking it up a notch to a race with tshirts and medals. This will be a final run before Javelina Jundred on November 15.

December I’ll rest a bit, find my legs on snowshoes for the January Northwoods Snowshoe Marathon, training on snow and snowshoes for Zumbro 100 in March and McNaughton in April. It’s a bit tricky training for 100s in the dead of winter. It seems though that the snowshoe running builds a good amount of strength in my legs. I never feel under-trained going into McNaughton via snowshoe running. Before I began snow shoe running I would run my long runs on pavement but I have found that a good 50 miler on snowshoes with Topaz beats a 50 miler around the lakes any day!

Boy, where has the year gone? Today the high is supposed to be 85F! It doesn’t feel very fallish, but with the boys heading up north this weekend to bird hunt, lots of football games and practices, I know fall is here. This weekend I’ll be home running with Topaz, lifting and enjoying some time alone. I'm also trying out two new recipes: Pumpkin Soup and a Salade Nicoise. I thought I'd try them out on myself before I try them out on the family!


keith said...

I think every month is a raceable month for you...I can't fathom racing at this moment. Between work and recovery I'm pretty well used up by October, catch a second wind and strength train through the winter...then set a schedule for the spring.

Hope to see you at Nerstrand. All bets are off at the moment!

Helen said...

Check out NF Endurance Challenge in Madison - I think it's the weekend after Big Woods - that way you get a straight run through October!!

Kel said...

Julie, do you know if there is a course map for Surf the Murph anywhere? There are so many trails at Murphy Hanrehan that I get completely lost!