Sunday, September 14, 2008

Recovery and Rest

It's hard to believe that a week has already passed since Superior Sawtooth 100. I thought about it for three weeks solid once Leadville was in the past. I no longer feel the big letdown after a race. You know, that feeling of now what? After living and breathing a race for long (training, eating, splits, drop bag, etc) it is normal for there to be a let down post race. I learned early on that the only way not to feel the big letdown was to plan another race, another endeavor, another goal.

I'm not really thinking too much about Twin Cities Marathon. It will come and go. It will be a fun run that I always like to take part in. No planning necessary. I'll jump in the car that Sunday morning, run and be back home for lunch. I'm not really thinking too much about the Glacial Trail 50K/50M the week later, either, although I should figure out exactly where it is, how much driving time is involved.

I'm thinking about Javelina Jundred. A 100 miler that I am going to run while my family is doing the Minnesota Deer Hunting thing. This year Troy is old enough to take part in the great MN tradition.

The RD of Javelina told me that I can drive my car right to the park and spend the weekend. There is a campground right at the entrance to where the park is, where the race is taking place, and I can sleep in the car there. I am not going to haul a tent along. I think the backseat should be sufficient.

The course is a 15 mile loop; you know how I LOVE loops! Only one drop bag is necessary!! Yeahoo! I'll be able to see the front runners, the back of the packers, oh, the fun! The race is a Halloween Dress Up Party! As if a 100 mile run wasn't fun enough, I'll dress up for it as well :) Oh, and get this: it is in the Phoenix AZ area. It will be nice and warm in AZ as the cold air begins to penetrate MN. Don't you want to join in on the fun?

On the recovery front; I'm feeling great. Still kind of tired. I haven't been sleeping well. Steve is a huge snorer and it is getting to me. I notice that the lack of sleep is causing great tiredness.

I ran 30 miles this week, slow and easy. Two sessions on the stair stepper and 1 session lifting. My gym is moving to a different location so has been closed this weekend, otherwise I would have been lifting today.

This next week I am beginning to coach two new groups of runners. I'm sure looking forward to it! One is a beginning group and the other is a 'beginning II'. We'll focus on speed workouts, hills and longer runs. I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Oooooo dear lord the snoring.

I have one of those too.

We have tried nasal sparys, breathe right, pillows, humidifiers, you name it. The only things that works is my "gently" ( I use the qutoes in jest, I accidentally rail him a good one once in awhile) pushing his head to the side so he gets off his back. Usually this wakes him up and he rolls over and looks at me. I would fake sleep, after 8 years of sharing a bed together, I finally admitted what I have been doing, His eyes got real wide and he said I KNEW IT!!!!

All bemoaning aside, he should have testing done at a sleep center, it can be life threatening if he has long periods of apnea, more so for men, so if it's getting worse, he should look into it. They whole tonsillectomy surgery has mixed results with the snoring though, but doesn't hurt to be educated!

Anonymous said...

P.S. What had worek is one dollars worth of earplugs from Target. Kind of a pain to get used to, but it's better than him having whiplash!!

Diane said...

I've run a handful of marathons in a supergirl costume that includes a belt, the "S" patch I pin to a red top, a LONG cape, and, the best, red felt "boots" that fit over running shoes. I was just looking at it in my closet the other day wondering what I should do with it. If you're interested in it, let me know and I'll pass it on! Here are some pictures:

Congrats on all your accomplishments... I continue to read your blog, but don't ever comment.