Sunday, September 21, 2008

Runnin' Down A Dream

I've had a great week. I'm recovering well. I ran 74 miles and lifted twice. Not the usual three sessions, but hey, I'm recovering (so I told myself) and I stair stepped one session.

Getting the body and mind into liking afternoon and evening runs is not an easy task. I love morning running, I am a morning person..give me a reason (running) to wake up at 4 am each day and I'll do it.

Now that the work season has begun I am trying to enjoy the afternoon/evening weekday runs but they are not so hot. I'm lagging. I have food sitting in my belly. I am thinking about the days events. I'm tired. I'll get just takes time.

On Monday I began coaching another woman's beginning run group. It is so much fun. One gal told me she would be the first to fail my class. I told her there is no failing! She wants to run so that she can do something with her pup. Isn't that great? I can't wait to get together again tomorrow.

I'm coaching a Beginning II class as well. These gals took my first class and are now ready for some more speed. We ran - without any breaks - a 5K last week. We'll run intervals this week. Hills the next, a few track workouts, a long run..all good stuff. I am really digging this.

Today I weight trained my first client. He came to me and asked me if I would begin to train him, although I am not YET certified. I am not scheduled to test until December. He is an experienced runner; having run FANS with me, multiple marathons and Superior 50K. He has had surgery and hasn't been running or lifting a whole lot. We'll work on that as he'd like to run the Superior 50K again next May. We worked for an hour and I know he'll be stronger and faster..soon :)

I am enjoying coaching these classes and the weight training so much. I hope to be able to fill my schedule with this type of work. Slowly and everything else in life.

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