Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Topaz Gets His Run On..

Topaz was pretty excited when I arrived home from work, walking in the back door and yelled "Topie go for a run?" He about knocked me over. It's been 5 days since he ran with me. He squealed all of the way to the trail.

I wasn't expecting to run, really. I figured a nice 5 mile walk/jog before I had to pick up Troy from football practice. Surprisingly enough my legs were feeling good, my feet fit into my trail shoes and I was able to run..slowly run..for 5 miles. Felt good to get the stiffness and the kinks out. Nothing hurt.

When I hopped on the scale yesterday I was a whopping 14 pounds heavier than race day morning. Lots of carbs holding onto lots of water, lots of salt and swelling of muscle and tissue I guess. Today I was down 8 pounds, tomorrow I'll probably be down the last 6.

I find that after a long cold soak in the tub-which I despise-but do go through the ritual post 100-the swelling goes down much more quickly. Last night I soaked in an ice bath and all night long I was sweating heavily and getting up to go to the bathroom. The cold water somehow releases all of that..stuff. Go figure? It works.

Boy, I realized right after crossing the finish line at Superior that this was the completion of my 10th 100. 10! I never would have believed that I would even want to run 10 100's. Crazy. I love it !

Thank you for all of the nice emails and comments, I appreciate each and every one.

Steve-your quibble is correct. That DNF at Superior 100 3 races ago did get me training harder. I learned to ask those that completed the race how they did it. What type of training, what type of nutrition, how long in the aid stations, lights, clothing..I asked a zillion and one questions and trained harder and harder. It did pay off. At that time people weren't into blogs at all. I couldn't find any race reports but my own that detailed the race, I finally put away my fear and began to ask questions. Nobody refused answers either, I don't know why I was so afraid to ask. Well, yes, I do. I didn't think those runners would want to be bothered by me. Now I know better.

I still shouldn't have beat myself up so badly though! Live and learn.

Run On!


Olga said...

Julie, number 10 is an awesome number! Congratulations from the heart!

SteveQ said...

I remembered how hard you trained and prepared because - I'm next. I gotta get this thing figured out.