Friday, October 10, 2008

Questions and Answers..

First off, thanks for all of the kind words as to my PR and BQ at Twin Cities Marathon!! I'm still so excited. I have to pinch myself every once in a while to be sure that it is true and I am not, in fact, dreaming.

I receive many many questions each week and thought I'd take a minute to post and answer a few.

Many emails came up after I posted about Paleo Eating For Athletes. It's interesting that so many comment on the way people eat. It's almost like posting about religion or politics..I'm always stunned at how the comments almost become defensive.

Some thought I'm not eating any grains. I'm not eating the Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain; I'm eating Paleo Eating For Athletes, by Loren Cordain and Joel Friel. Big difference. In PEFA a person DOES eat grains and sugars, mainly post workout, in the 30 minute window following a tough workout. I tried to make that very clear. I eat approximately 130 grams of carb and 130 grams of protein with 40-50 grams of fat every day. MOST of my carb grams come from fruits and veggies; some come from that post workout meal of fortified french toast, brown rice, super mega peach protein shake or what have I.

During Twin Cities Marathon I consumed 6 Hammergels and within 30 minutes of the race I drank a super shake of 40 grams of protein and 80 grams of carb. I froze it overnight and stuck it in my drop off bag to pick up post race. When I drank it down it was nice and slushy :)

I'll probably drink the same type of shake post Glacial Trail 50 this Sunday.

I receive many questions relating to my organization of time. How do I fit it all in? Well..I am a great organizer. Every hour is organized-I like it that way.

Tuesday was this:

400 Rise
415-500 Run
Wake Boys
Breakfast with Boys
Put three chickens into the crock pot with broth
Load up into the car and off we go to school
work 730-3
330-430 run
500-630 Troy's football game
645-make dumplings for chicken soup dinner/home time all fits:
415-5 lift/stepper at gym
wake boys
breakfast with boys
roast into crock pot with potatoes and carrots
load up into car and off we go
work 730-3
315-415 my woman's run group; 5 miles
430 pick up Troy from football practice
445 dinner with boys
530-630 run with Topaz
645-home time

400 wake
415-5 treadmill
wake boys
breakfast with boys
off we go
7-230 work
3-4 run with Topaz
430 pick up Troy/Tyler
500 dinner and home for the day

A couple of times a month a meeting is thrown into the evening, no biggie. I have plenty of free time. I have a stress less job, I get off at 3PM, makes for plenty of time and weekends are pretty free too.

Troy's last football game is on Monday. Tyler and Troy will both begin snowboard club in November so we'll begin hitting the hill then.

I receive many emails asking how do I keep motivated? Well, motivation just doesn't show up on your door step one day. It's created. When I first began to run I didn't like it. I ran to lose weight. Plain and simple. I cut my calories and began exercising and I lost fat. Motivation came by doing. Motivation came by seeing a change in myself. Motivation came by doing something different, so seeing a different outcome. If you keep on doing what you have been doing, and you are seeing NO will continue to see no results. Nothing is going to change. YOU have to change what you are doing to see a change in the result.

I entered a race a month..a 5K, a 10K. I knew that if I had a race looming out in front of me that I would get out the door to run each day. It worked. I got out each day and after two years I finally began to enjoy running. I began to run just for the run. Just for the time to spend with myself, to enjoy mother nature, to enjoy the run.

I receive a ton of emails relating to weight loss. How do I keep the weight off? and How did I lose the weight? I lost the weight by logging every single item I put into my mouth. This is really the first step. You have to know what you are eating. How much you are eating. If you aren't losing it is because you are eating too much. Most of us under approximate our food intake. If you 'guess' you are eating 1500 calories a day, you are probably eating 2000. If you have no idea, and really want to lose, you better get an idea. You can log your intake at for free and I'm sure there are 101 other food logging sites. Just google food log and you'll find many. I log at Leanness Lifestyle. Once I began logging I realized I had intense sugar cravings. I couldn't give it up. When I finally decided to give up sugar my whole world changed. I'd go off sugar for a few months and then wham! I'd eat a brownie or something and the cravings would come back; I could feel physical and mental cravings/addiction to sugar. It's awful. You know, with alcohol and cigarettes..I could just cut it out. No more. With food you just can't cut it out. You have to have some. I don't HAVE to have sugar, but it is so hard to cut out. I still have many time when I want to have a big fat brownie or cake or whatever but for the most part I can stay away, just by thinking about the outcome. ONE IS NEVER ENOUGH. Ever. The outcome is always the same with sugar: MORE. It always will be.

Yes, I miss it. Yes, I want chocolate. Will I succumb to it? I hope not. I can definitely say I will not succumb to alcohol or cigarettes again. Ever. Can I say that about sugar? No. I can't. Why? It's too damn good. The taste is good, but the taste only lasts such a short while. Then the outcome is the same: I want more. I feel full/sluggish/physically and mentally slow. Why would I want more? Addiction.

I receive emails regarding lifting weights. How often do I lift and what do I lift? I lift 3 times a week. Day 1 is back/biceps/tricep; Day 2 is chest/shoulders and Day 3 is legs. Legs is taking quite a while so I might end up dividing legs into two days eventually. I lift heavy pounds, low reps of 4-6 and 3-4 sets. Right now I'm building so if I can lift 6 reps I'll increase the weight. If I can't lift 4 reps I'll lessen the weight. I want to lift 4-6 reps. Mid summer when I'm racing and putting in high miles I'll lift a bit lighter, getting in 10-12 reps. Typically each session is 35 minutes except legs is usually 65 minutes.

I usually hit the stair master two times a week for 40-60 minutes each session and ride bike 80 miles a week or so from May-October. Not fast, not racing, just enjoying.

These are the questions I've been asked over the past few weeks. Any more questions, just ask away!

I feel all recovered from TCM; ready to run Glacial Trail 50 on Sunday :)


Run Home Pam said...

Hi Julie,

I just wanted to let you know how much you have inspired me over the past 6 months (I found your blog last Spring when I was training for the VT 100). I just started running ultras this year, and I have a schedule very similar to yours.

My biggest buggaboo is my stomach (but I don't get blisters, so I guess I should count my blessings!). I am just starting to move away from a high carb diet and more toward proteins and fats, a la Paleo for Athletes. I am hoping this makes a difference for my tummy in my upcoming races.

Anyhoo, just wanted to let you know I was out here. Thanks for all the great stories. Keep on keepin' on!


Irish Blue said...

Thanks Julie, that was really informative. Although I've never asked those questions, I've definitely wondered, especially about how you organize your time.

I do have a couple of questions. One is, what time do you go to bed? The second question I have is do you think running multiple times in one day is good for someone who is more of a novice? (I've been running now for 2 and a half years and have completed 5 half marathons and one full marathon.) It seems like running multiple times in one day would help me fit in more miles, but I've been told by some folks it's a bad idea unless you're an elite runner. What is your take on this?

Julie B said...

I'm glad I'm able to inspire you. That's what this is all about :)

Irish Blue-I go to bed by 10:00 each night. I read and go to sleep. As for multiple runs a day-I always have during the school year as I can't fit in the miles in one session. It hasn't been a problem for me at all. Do what your body says you should do. It two a days hurt, don't do them all the time. If they don't hurt, and you need the miles, give it a try.

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