Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I have received many requests for the bread recipies. I never know if I should post them. In this instance, yes. Enjoy!

Sponge: 1/2 c whole milk, 1/2 c all purpose flour, 4 tsp instant yeast. Make the sponge my warming the milk to 100F. Whisk in flour and yeast. Cover with plastic wrap and ferment 1 hour or until the sponge is foamy and ready to collapse when tapped.

Fruit: 2 c raisins, 2 c candied fruit mix (or dried fruit)
2 T lemon or orange extract or 1/2 c brandy

Meanwhile, combine 1 c raisins, 1 c fruit. Mix with extract or brandy. Set aside.

Dough: 2 1/4 c unbleached all purpose flour, 1 T sugar, 3/4 t salt 1 t orange zest, 1 t lemon zest, 1 t cinnamon, 1 egg, 5 T butter, about 1/4 c water, 1 c slivered blanched almonds, 1 can or tube marzipan, powdered sugar for topping

To make dough: stir together flour, sugar, salt, orange and lemon zests, cinnamon. Stir in sponge, egg, butter and enough water to forma soft but not sticky ball. Two minutes. Knead until the dough comes together, cover the bowl and let rest 10 minutes.

Add in fruit and mix on low to incorporate.

Knead until satiny, tacky, but not sticky. Oil a bowl and transfer ball to bowl; cover and let ferment 45 minutes. Will not rise very much.

Divide into 2 small loafs or create 1 large. Roll into rectangle, fold, fill with marzipan, almonds and additional fruit, fold, restuff with almonds and fruit.

Line a sheet pan with baking parchment. Shape to slight crescent. Mist dough with cooking spray and cover for 1 hour.

Bake at 350 for 1 hour. Upon removal sprinkle heavily with powdered sugar, let sit 10 minutes and sprinkle heavily again.


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