Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Return of the Appendix Saga

As many of you will recall, last February Tyler spent 12 days in the hospital with a ruptured appendix. His surgeon didn't want to remove the appendix as he felt he would further damage the colon and intestines that were already compromised due to the infection. Instead Tyler had two catheters into his back, draining off the infection.

8 months later and his colon and intestines are nice and healthy. His surgeon is ready to remove what is left of the appendix..tomorrow.

Hopefully all goes well and we are back home on Friday. We do not want another 12 day stint in the hospital.

Anoka Gray Ghost 5K Stats:

Entrants: 1463
Men: 687
Women: 776

The results for the Anoka Gray Ghost 5K have been posted. There were 1463 people that ran that race. Isn't that NUTS? Crazy. There were more women than men that ran, another crazy fact.

I was 52nd woman out of 776. The gal in the finishing shoot told me I was 9th. I knew she was high! I was 3rd women in my age group out of 178. That is one huge class. I can't even believe how many people run this 5K. In little Anoka, who knew?

My speed is coming around. I think I'll add a few more 5 & 10K races to my calendar. Just what my calendar needed :)


Ronda said...

I hope Tylers surgery goes well. Congratulations on your placing.

Matthew Patten said...

Once the appendix has scared over, removing it is like removing a toenail. I know a doctor who would only do those and gall bladders when he was on call. He could do them blind folded. You should not worry, but we will pray for Tyler anyway.

Did you see Carolyn's post about her world cup performance? Pretty cool.

Travis said...

best of luck with your son. well done with the 5k! That speed work really seems to pay off for the ultras.

Carilyn said...

Hey Julie! Glad to hear that Tyler's body has healed from the infection. Hope all went well with the appendectomy.

It was great to hear from you! I'm so impressed your doing 5ks. I know I should, but I just can't get motivated to do them.