Sunday, October 19, 2008

Superliciouse Weekend

What a great weekend! After running around like crazy for umtpeen weekends in a row-this weekend was spent near home, taking it easy.

Troy and Steve headed out for another weekend of bird hunting and setting up deer stands for the great hunt in November. Tyler decided to stay home with me. What a treat! We hung out, watched a few movies and went out to dinner.

Friday I took Tyler to his surgeon for an update on the appendectomy business that is carried over from February ( our 11 day stint in the hospital). It looks as if Ty will have surgery either next week or wait until after deer hunting. I'll call to schedule tomorrow. His surgeon remembered us as Tyler with the ruptured appendix and Mom as the extreme ultra endurance runner.

Topaz and I had great weekend of running. It's been sunny and in the 60's the past few days! Yesterday morning was cool-30's when we started out in the dark, but 25 miles later it was warmer and sunny. Tyler and I headed over to gym; I got in an hour on legs and hit some PR's. I am just amazed at the leg strength after all of the miles I have been putting in-it is true "that which doesn't kill you will make you stronger". I have maxed out the sitting leg press. It goes to 400 lbs and I hit that yesterday. I can still get plenty of plates on the laying leg press, though.

Today was another long run on the trail while Tyler slept. Topaz and I ran 30, I was back home by 9, in time to get Tyler up and off to his paint ball match. I met my client at the gym for an hour and then lifted back/shoulders and stair stepped.

It's such a beautiful day! I didn't even mind going out to wash the windows. It will probably be the last time before spring comes along. Toffee, my indoor cat, enjoyed laying on the deck while I washed. He doesn't go outside very often. He pretended he was hunting leaves.

The whole grain bread tastes good..I had a slice post run today..but could have used a bit more rise. I may add some vital gluten next time. The Stollen..amazing. Man, I watched the yeast feed and grow right before my eyes! 4 tsp of yeast mixed in 1/2 c of whole milk warmed to 100 foamed and bubbled for an hour before I created the rest of the recipe. Definitely a keeper.

Next Saturday is the Anoka Gray Ghost 5K. Members from three of my running classes will be entered. I'm sure looking forward to it! I ran this race as one of my goal races when I first began to run, I can't wait to run it again.

The UMTR AwardFest is November 1! It dawned on me that I will receive two awards: 1 for the Afton Championship Race and 1 for the Fab 50's. I'm excited...yes, I become excited over the little things :)

We'll have the Surph the Murph 50K before the party, then it is time to clean up and party on! I need to decide what to bring for the pot luck. I'm thinking a hearty meal in a crock pot with bread and a dessert. Oh, and what to wear?

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Helen said...

Since you're getting 2 awards you need to look good :)

I am in awe of your gym workouts. I keep saying I will start lifting but so far it's all talk and no action! It must be a big part of the reason you can run so strong (and far) 2 days in a row.

Enjoy the 5K and will see you at the Fest if not before.