Saturday, October 11, 2008

Trail Symphony

This morning as the hunters went off to do their thing, Topaz and I went off to do our thing.

As the sun began to rise we were out on the trail. It was early dawn, the air was still and quiet. I brought my camera along, as the leaves are beginning to change and the wildlife out on the trail has been phenomenal lately.

The sky began to run a dark pink, lighter pink, purple and eventually blue. As the sky began to lighten, the birds began to sing.

We ran up to the trail lookout; a 1/4 mile steep climb that overlooks the Blue Hill Trail and Buck Lake. The leaves are changing from green to dark oranges, bright yellows and deep reds. Spectacular.

I could see the Trumpeter Swans on Buck Lake, floating effortlessly upon the water. The Wood Ducks in bunches of 15-20 with their heads under the water and their butts pointing straight in the air. The Canadian Geese flying above, then landing. Their honking getting louder and louder as they landed in the pond right next to us.

As we ran past the higher, more dry, sandy areas the Sandhill Cranes began their violent screeching. Their sound reminds me of a bad violin player. Screech, screech, screech. They are so afraid of us, they screech and try to run away as quickly as possible. I saw two adults and 11 fuzzies following. I could hear the Trumpeter Swans, their sound really is near to a trumpet. They bugle back and forth; creating a wonderful song. The Pileated woodpecker, first pounding away in the distance, the letting our the oooh, ooh, oooh, oooooh ooooh ohhhhh..the sound reminds me of the Loon.

It was awesome.

I love running along the trail, listening to the birds, taking in the beautiful scenery, watching the scenes change as the seasons change. Before I was a runner, I didn't see these sights. I was in bed, with a bad hangover.

Now I enjoy the pre dawn hours, the silence; as the sun rises, so do the birds, with their beautiful trail symphony.

As we trotted off to the car, 10 miles later, I looked back to the trail for some reason. There I saw two magnificent Bald Eagles, watching Topaz and I.

What a great way to begin the day.

I'm off to grocery shop, run errands, do some laundry and then pack up to head to Greenbush, WI. Looks to be about 6 hours away. I sure rather be heading up to Duluth to run the Superior Trail Fat Ass 100K. I had already entered the UMTR Fab 50's and this Glacial Trail is the final race. I'm sure it will be another excellent adventure :)

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Anonymous said...

Julie! It was great seeing in live and in person at Glacial. It took me a while to put the name and face together because you look so much smaller in person. I love your blog. You are very inspiring. Keep up the terrific work. Also, I hope you enjoyed the Glacial 50k. Robert and his family put on an outstanding event.