Thursday, December 04, 2008

Cold Weather Running

The calendar shows that winter doesn't begin until December 21 but today felt like the first day of winter to me.

The temperature showed 13F, but with a stiff wind, the wind chill factor brought it down to -1. If a few weeks I won't even pay attention to the wind chill factor but at the beginning of the cold weather running season, I can not help but notice it.

I don't like the winter season. I try so hard each year to embrace winter, to try new things, to change my attitude toward winter, I could take a few months of 30F but the teen, the single digits and the below zero just isn't that grand.

The past 5 years I've been snowshoe running. I do enjoy hitting the trails all winter long and the only way to do that is via snowshoe running. Topaz loves winter running. Last winter I began to snowboard and enjoyed it very much, this year I'm going to try downhill skiing. Saturday will be my first go at it.

Now that it is cold and dark at 4AM I have begun to run on the treadmill in the AM during the work week. Depending on the morning I'll run intervals or incline. Topaz whines as he lays near the treadmill; I rub his chest and remind him that we'll hit the trail late afternoon. Topaz and Troy are usually outside playing when I get home from work. I take Topaz and off we go. He loves running in the cold air. Today I had on two long sleeved shirts, a vest and my wind breaker; my turtle fur hat and gaiter, gloves and heavy socks. Still only one pair of pants. That will change as it gets below zero. I wasn't over-dressed, just comfortable. We finish our run as the sun sets. I have a flash light in my pocket just in case we go a bit longer.

I can't help but think of the people living in AZ, FL, CA and TX, able to run comfortably all year long. No snowshoe running though, no snowshoe marathon in January, I guess I'd miss that..maybe. That reminds me that I better get my entry in.

It's Tyler's 17th Birthday on Saturday. He chose Dorie's Devils Food White Out Cake for me to bake for the event. It's in the oven now and smells delicious. I'll make the filling and frosting tomorrow. I'm also going to make some Taffy Balls, a new recipe. I'll post pictures and recipies over the weekend.

Run Hard To Stay Warm.

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Engineer Baker said...

Run hard to stay warm indeed. Or, run long to stay warm. That's normally what I have to do, although the past few winters in WI I've chickened out and gone probably 90% to treadmill running. But that makes races in the spring very difficult, just transitioning back to outdoor running. Maybe sometime I should try out snowshoe running too.