Saturday, December 20, 2008

Late to Bed; Early to Rise

After a snowshoe run and a heavy lifting session of legs yesterday I came home to relax the evening away with the boys. After I was changed into pajamas, taking my spot upon the couch, Tyler reminded me of our plans for the evening.

A group of friends that Tyler has had since Kindergarten have formed a band. I have heard them in the garage, but never in a bar. Last night they were playing at the local dive. I haven't been to the Refuge since I drank, 12 years I guess. Tyler and his friends had been ribbing me all day at school telling me that I probably wouldn't show up since I like to be in bed by 10. The band was playing from 9-11, teenagers were welcome.

I really did want to listen to them as they play heavy metal, which I obviously love, and they are all friends of mine. They call themselves LHD for Long Haired Delinquents which is kind of funny, as they are all A Honor Students..are very respectful and never in any trouble, and yes, all have grown their hair (but one) well past their shoulders. They have to do the 'head bob' you know while they are jamming.

Tyler and I showed up just before show time. Oh my god, all of the bar flies along the bar and in the back. Ish. The front room was full of band member families and students. All great kids. I found a spot and waited.

Guns N Roses, Metallica, Ted Nugent, Kiss, Megadeath, Black Label Society (who I'll be seeing in March), Buck Cherry, God Smack. All the good stuff. No Ozzy; Beau says he can't sing Ozzy. Pity. It was a great time, well worth a tired morning!

I feel blessed that Tyler and his friends even want me to be around them. I was the only one there who knew every word to every song. What a blast.

5 AM came quickly. What a beautiful morning! 22F and a nice heavy wet snow. Wonderful. 2o mile snowshoe was on the agenda. I purchased Topaz some booties for his birthday. They are so nice, the ice doesn't build in his paws-he doesn't stop to chew it out-I don't have to freeze my hands digging it out-nice booties! Not one other person was on the trail, it was peaceful. No wildlife but pileated, yellow bellied and red headed woodpeckers.

By the time we hit 15 miles my ass was sore. I could feel the squats, lunges and presses I did last night. I walked more of the final 3 miles than I ran.

When we arrived home the boys were already out sliding; Topaz joined them for a few hours while I did some stocking stuffer shopping. The temperature has dropped to 0 and the wind is whipping. Lots of snow and wind. Tomorrow's run won't be as pleasant as today.

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