Saturday, January 31, 2009

The January Thaw That Almost Wasn't

Thank goodness the January Thaw arrived today. Mother Nature may have waited until the very last day, but she finally warmed above freezing for the first time this January!

It's been cold. Downright cold. It's not my imagination either. This is the coldest January in 30 years. We almost didn't have a January Thaw. Until today. My thermometer hit 45 F degrees! I can't even believe the wild swing the temperature took. Yesterday it was -12 F on the way to school. Today a warm springy 45F. Oh yeah.

Topaz and I took to the trail, of course. I left his booties at home and I left the snowshoes in the car as my feet are SO bruised. I couldn't take the snowshoes another day. But then had my snowshoe clients in the afternoon so I bucked up eventually. Since the snowshoe marathon I've been bruised all along the tops of my feet. I haven't taken a day off snowshoe running since then, so they don't heal. They just continue to bruise. This morning instead of snowshoe running I was post holing a bit. It wasn't too bad, I was able to run across the snow most of the way. Through the heavy drifts I would sink up to my knees, then curse and continue on. It felt good to be snowshoe free. We ran 20 miles and took a different trail path down toward the river. New territory, so much fun to explore.

Back home to cook up waffles for the boys. Troy had just awoke, Tyler still snoozing. After a hot shower and cleaning the house I drove the boys to homes of friends and met my snowshoe clients for our afternoon frolic. It has NEVER been in the double digits since we've begun this class. I'm so glad my clients were able to snowshoe in the sunshine and warmth! What a difference it made! Smiles, positive talk, no whining about the cold and wind, we had a great time. I was secretly thinking how happy I'd be when I could run snowshoe free again :)

Hope you all enjoyed today, I don't think it will be 45F here tomorrow!

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