Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Performing the Minnesota Strip Tease

The sun was shining. There was not even a wisp of a wind through the trees. The trail bed was perfect. Firm, with a bit of give. It was 31F. 31F I say! A glimpse of spring.

When Topaz and I headed out for the trail this afternoon we smiled all the way. The day was lovely! The trail was nice and firm but not rock hard and slippery. Perfect snowshoe conditions.

I was able to remove my hat. I was able to tie my jacket upon my waist. I was able to unzip my shirt.

We were able to run for two hours before darkness came upon us.

Performing the Minnesota Strip Tease. Joyful!


David Ray said...

Amazing what the sun and a lack of wind can do for a run. I love those days.

Anonymous said...

That is funny! Minnesota strip tease!! Very Clever!