Sunday, February 22, 2009

Well Rested

My goodness; I slept for 12 hours last night! I don't know if I have ever slept for 12 full hours. Well, not since I have had children..or become sober..

I guess I was pretty exhausted last night. The two furs (Topaz and Toffee) and I laid down at 7 and I didn't even read..I was out..until daylight this morning.

I didn't have much on my agenda for today so allowed myself to sleep in, until 7 AM! A late morning for me.

Topaz and I went for a 10 mile snowshoe. I met Bonnie and Marie for our monthly lunch. This month was Panera Bread where I had a fabulous Asian Salad (32g carb, 35g protein). 65 minutes at the gym lifting. That's all that was on the agenda today.

Well rested. For sure.

This bodybuilding venture is still new and exciting to me. In addition to all of the hours I run, I am now lifting at least 5 hours a week. In addition to spending more time in the gym, I am spending more time eating. I am now making sure that I eat every 3 or so hours. I am trying hard not to fall into the 'dieting' mentality that I so easily fall into. You know, saying to myself "I don't feel hungry, maybe I should skip a meal". When I have those thoughts I stop and say "NO. Eat. Feed the Muscle." Then I think about the girl with the awesome quads I saw at the posing seminar and I feed my muscle. I know I won't build muscle if I don't eat. It's tough for me, but I'm working on it.

Oh, and a few answers to questions:

On the suit, I am going to order one from and stone it myself. I will have one plain one ..either black or dark burgandy for the pre judging and a black one that I will stone all over myself for the evening show. For tanning: I'll have a summer tan for base and then will be sprayed Friday evening before the comp. No shoes necessary, I get to go barefoot. My toes will be at their worst as the summer of ultra running will be just finishing up. I'll be toenail-less. Oh well. As for tatoos; at the posing seminar I attended tatoos were brought up and we were told NOT to try to cover them, that they end up looking worse when covered with make up and such. She said depending on where they are they can hide the physique, but that a man with full sleeves won the last show she I guess I'll just leave mine alone. How do I fit it all in? I don't know. I'm a good organizer of time. I just do it :) I still have time to hang out at home, doing nothing, feeling like I should be doing something.


Steve said...

Wow! Nice pipes, Julie!!

elizabeth said...

Sounds like you are having fun getting ready for the posing! Me and my wimpy arms admire your muscle!

Would love to see what your weighlifting routine is. Also, what happened to your daily diet and mileage posts? You used to have them on the side of your blog..Leanness lifestyle I think it was?

A Prelude To... said...

Are you still sticking pretty exclusively to a paleo type of nutrition or are you adding in other types of carbs like rice, etc as you go through this new endeavor?

Julie A.

Julie B said...

Thank you :)

Elizabeth, I record most of my nutrition at Leanness Lifestyle. I no longer have the daily diet on the sidebar. My weight routine is 5 or 6 days a week, one body part each day.

Julie, still only one carb meal a day that is not veggie. I am eating 1/2 cup of oats with my 1 egg and 4 whites each morning. My favorite meal :)

Anonymous said...

the biceps of my dreams!

Anonymous said...

Julie, you are so inspiring!! Love the biceps and I wish I had your motivation, energy and just the positive vibes you give off!