Monday, March 02, 2009

100 %

Finally. I'm feeling 100% recovered from the flu that had me flat on my back for days. Blech. I didn't run, didn't lift, didn't do anything but sleep for days.

Friday I made a brave attempt to go to work. I ended up staying until 1230 until I had to go home to sleep off the exhaustion just from sitting at my desk all morning. Incredible. Totally exhausted.

Friday night Troy became ill.

Saturday I was able to muster the energy to drive over to Afton State Park to visit with my friends after their snowshoe run. I drove home to sleep off another afternoon. Exhausted.

Sunday my sister and I actually walked the Blue Hill Trail for an hour and a half. The most exercise I had participated in all week. I came home and took a nap.

Steve became ill.

Today I woke up and felt fantastic! On my treadmill for 4 miles of intervals, first time in 7 days! A 10 mile snowshoe run with Topaz after work. Topaz had miles stored up inside of him. He ran hard and fast; was as joyful as I to be out in the snow running again. An hour of chest at the gym tonight. I am 100% and it feels awesome. I'm grateful, so very grateful for feeling well again.

Today I had to drive Tyler home from school. He became ill.

Our house is one big flu germ. Hopefully everyone is healthy tomorrow.


Damon said...


I'm glad you're feeling better. Until two days ago, I'd managed to go through the whole winter fairly healthy, but I'm sick now, and I'm entered in a snowshoe marathon on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

ACK! Hand sanitizer - turned my kids to little jerky paws when it went through here a few weeks ago. Hopefully everyone is on the mend!

Olga said...

Sounds like your bout was a bad one. I only downed for 3 days, then shuffled. Glad you're better, sad the rest of the house is in it. Take good care.