Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Foggy Fifty

Last night the boys let me know they had plans for today and Steve let me know he had a pool tournament today. I had planned on doing some cleaning for a lia sophia jewelry party I am hosting here tomorrow, but that could wait until after I hit the trail for a few hours..and a few hours more.

When I began driving to the trail I couldn't believe how foggy it was! Thick as could be, my car lights couldn't penetrate the fog at all. I was wondering what my flashlight would be like. After running the trail last night I knew that it wasn't all ice anymore; only 25% of the trail is now ice/snow covered. Pretty sweet.

My flashlight barely cut through the mist. I couldn't even make out Topaz up in front of me. Fun!

We kept on hearing things in the dark. You know how loud squirrels and birds sound rummaging around in the woods when it is dark outside!

As the air around us lightened I imagined that the sun must be rising. There was no sun to see; only a heavy fog that was lighter than prior. As we came back around to the car I dropped off my light and filled my bottle. I couldn't even see the County Road from the trail head. Still crazy foggy.

As the sun must have been rising the birds began to sing. The warmer temperatures and rain yesterday afternoon must have reminded the birds that Spring has Sprung.

Trumpeter Swans, Canadian Geese, Sandhill Crane, Pileated Woodpecker; I could hear them all but could not see a one. Too foggy.

As morning turned into afternoon the fog began to break and the sun began to warm. Lovely! I removed my ear band, gloves and jacket. How wonderful to run in single layers.

Topaz and I were muddy messes as we returned home. A bath for him and a shower for me; then off to the gym to lift shoulders and the rest of the afternoon washing windows and cleaning bathrooms. Joy. Not.

Instead of heading out to Zumbro solo today I was happy to learn that a group of us will be heading out to Zumbro Bottoms next Sunday for a final long - my final long run prior to McNaughton. McNaughton 100 is only three weeks out.

Next Saturday I'm having lunch with my co-coaches with MDRA near Lake Harriet. I can get a good long run in there around the lakes before lunch with and do a back to back at Zumbro on Sunday. Then I guess I'm ready.

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