Saturday, March 21, 2009

Numbers Numbers Numbers

I don't know for how many years I have been weighing myself every day. At least 20. I don't think I really weighed myself in high school because I have absolutely not recollection of what I weighed. Just that I was plump, plump at my wedding - I don't think I dieted yet, I don't recall dieting down for my wedding.

I don't think I began to weigh myself and diet until my sister was going to be married. I wanted to look beautiful in the pink dress I would be wearing as Matron of Honor and began to diet in earnest. I went down to 117-my lowest ever. I didn't eat anything. I drank a lot of beer instead. Great diet, hu? I looked fabulous on her wedding day and promptly gained back the weight. I guess from then on out the dieting and weighing began in earnest.

I joined Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, OptiFast, OptiSystems, Nutri Systems, my gosh, I can't even remember the names of all of the programs I have tried. Finally I began to sober up, run, lift weights and cut back on sugar. Everything changed.

I've been lifting 5 days a week under Tony's instruction for 14 weeks now since I decided on this Bodybuilding Comp in October. I've been eating lean protein and lots of veggies-which I have been doing for a few years now. I haven't let up on the running at all. I wasn't sure if I could run as much as I am and still put on muscle, while eating a rather restrictive diet, but somehow I knew that I could.

The numbers that I received today are confirmation to me that I have gained muscle, lost fat and haven't lost speed nor endurance in running. Amen!

My body fat is now 11.9%. I've dropped 6 pounds of fat and gained 1.20 lb of lean body mass. Gotta like that! Tony told me during our first discussion that he felt I could gain .40-.60 lb of muscle every 4-6 weeks. He was right on.

Tomorrow I send him evaluation pictures and my number data. I imagine I will continue building muscle and only dropping a few more pounds of fat. My show isn't until October and I really don't need to drop much more this early in the game. We'll see.

To switch topics here a bit..

The Biggest Loser

You know that I love to watch The Biggest Loser. It wasn't always that way. When I first caught an episode a few years ago I became very uncomfortable while watching the show. I saw the contestants taking part in a challenge and I thought the show was making fun of them. I didn't really know the contestants, nor did I understand the shows premise. I didn't watch it again until a few years later.

Now that I have watched a few seasons from start to finish I know that the show is not at all making fun of the contestants. The show is helping the contestants to push through their self made barriers and show them what they can really do when they really want to do and need to do in order to succeed.

Last week the contestants ran A HALF MARATHON! Yes, 13.1 miles! Can you believe it? All but one contestant FINISHED. Ron could only run 4 miles-he has one knee and one shoulder-the others all ran the 1/2! Now these people are all over 200+, some well over 200 and they stuck it out and finished it up. Only 1 contestant had even run 6 miles before..yet they all dug deep and ran a half. Isn't that amazing? Jillian and Bob weren't with them either-they were all at home running the 1/2 as a challenge. The fastest finisher would win $10000! Tara finished in 2:15 or so but was deducted 5 minutes because a contestant ate a cookie for her.. so Sione won the $10000 and finished in 2:16! Or was it 225 and 226. Numbers. Still, amazing and inspiring.

At work we are doing The Biggest Loser. We aren't doing fun challenges, such as running a 1/2 - wouldn't that be great-we are just getting on the scale each week. 20 of us pitched in $10 for the 10 weeks and The Biggest Loser will win the pot at the end of 10 weeks. Guess who was The Biggest Loser yesterday? Yup. Me. I was down 5.64%. My goal was 8 pounds and now I have reached it. I may go for another couple.

More numbers numbers numbers.


JojaJogger said...

I just finished watching the 1/2 marathon episode of the Biggest Loser. They were amazing and the thing that is going to get me off my butt is that the 2 fastest times were only a few minutes off of my PR. Looks like I have some work to do!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! You are doing awesome!

David Ray said...

Nice numbers you're seeing. We're doing a body fat challenge at work to lose 10% of our current body fat number. Not an easy thing to do. Congrats on your progress!

EatRantRun said...

I think it's great that they all ran the 1/2 but I think it is really, truly, lousy to have them run this far without proper training. Going from 6 miles (or less) to 13 is the the perfect prescription for injury, pain and burnout. Typically, while you may finish the distance, it's not an enjoyable process, nor does it turn you into a runner. It does prove you can gut it out.

It would have been a far better experience (and smarter too) in the long run to build them to a 10k and then add on mileage and take them to a half marathon. Then it might have turned some of them into life long runners, rather than people who can run 13 miles once.