Friday, April 24, 2009

The Need For Speed

It is that time of year again..thank God..the snowshoes are off, the shorts are on, it was 85F yesterday! Oh my goodness, the smile upon my face can not be removed. I love spring and am absolutely in love with summer!

Yesterday after work Topaz and I headed for the trail for a nice 10 mile run. The ponds are pretty low but we did find enough water for him to lay in and cool down every few miles. Neither of us are acclimated to the heat but man oh man do I love it! Yes, I have been talking to Steve about spending winters in Scottsdale AZ when retired; we may spend winters separated. I loved the area when I went out to run Javelina 100 and can't wait to get back there. Summers would be spent up at Lake Vermilion I suppose, at least part time. Enough rambling.

After our run I dropped Topaz off at home where he promptly ran to the back yard and dive bombed into his swimming pool for a refreshing soak.

I quickly drove back tot he High School to watch Tyler play his tennis matches. More warm sunshine while sitting upon the tennis court while basking in the warmth. Then off to Troy's baseball games.

Taking full advantage of the warm evening I then raked the dead leaves out of my perennial gardens. They are such a mess. I need a few more sunny days to get them in order. It won't be taking place this weekend. The forecast is cool-50's and rain. Blech.

Because I am not running a mountainous 100 early this summer I am going to focus on speed more than all day adventure at the ski hill. That will come later as I get ready for another Sawtooth 102.5 Mile Trail Race.

I'd like to PR at FANS in June. My current PR is 116 miles; I have my work cut out for me. When I ran the PR everything came together..luck, health and fun. Lots of luck. Maybe it could happen again..

Fully recovered from McNaughton it is time to hit the track or treadmill. This morning I ran 10x 800 with a 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down. It will feel good to move onto the track from the treadmill for the 800s, but a treadmill will work when in pinch!

I'll begin to add in my tempo runs each week along with the track workouts. I can feel a side ache coming on along with gasping breaths.

Give me 8 hours of a boring ski hill every week all summer long but thinking about track workouts and tempo runs makes me envision pain. Wait! No more negative thinking. I'll enjoy the track workouts, I'll embrace the tempo runs, the mile repeats on will be a good thing! I love the Need for Speed :)


Steve said...

Couldn't agree more about the weather, Julie. It's just so nice being able to run on the trails at any time now and not having to worry about ice.

As far as speed goes, I will be working a bit on that as well. My last run I ramped up the tempo and it felt pretty dang good. I still need to work on some hills yet, but I'll focus more effort on that after Kettle 100 to prepare for Superior Sawtooth 100.

Anonymous said...

Great picture of Topaz. Looks like a beautiful place to run in the fall time. Where is that?