Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rest and Recover

At my doctor appointment Monday I learned that I have a Grade 3 tear in my vastus medialis, the muscle to the right of the right knee, a part of the quadricep. If you flex your quad you will see the tear drop shaped muscle there. That is the one.

The doctor practiced something called ART - Active Release Technique on me. He and his assistant had me lay down and they stretched me out as far as I could go; I think I grew 6 inches. They then proceeded to delve into my muscles of the quad, going deep into the muscle and tissue. The procedure was quite painful, the Dr. commented that I have a high tolerance for pain. After the procedure was finished I was able to bear weight upon my leg and I didn’t feel any more pain.

He told me to wear a brace for a few days to aid in compression and to keep the leg straight, use Advil, ice, etc. Just as I have been.

I don’t know that I tear my vastus medialis during every 100, but my leg felt the same, other than the pop sensation, at mile 50 as it does at mile 95. At mile 95 I can suck it up and finish; at mile 50 I could suck it up to 70.

The Dr. told me that if I had continued to damage my muscle I could have ruptured or even had the muscle detach from the bone and surgery would have taken place. Ewww.

I went for a recovery jog with Topaz and I felt good-no different than the usual post 100 muscle soreness. Today I removed the brace and will enjoy a run with my Boot camp Girls through MDRA. We are meeting at TC Running Company for a little shopping after our run. Running and shopping! Lovely!!

Thank you for all of your kind comments; I appreciate each and every one of them.


Scott Mark said...

Julie - I'm nursing a now kind-of long running glute strain that still bugs me. Do you mind sharing the name of your doc? (My email address is at my blog if you prefer that to a comment here.) Or at least what type of doc this is - chiro, etc.? I feel like I still need more diagnosis of what I have going on... and maybe different treatment.

Glad you are on the road to recovery! Sounds like you made the right call at McNaughton.

ed said...

It's GREAT to hear your recovery is going well!

Thought I'd let you know how much I appreciated your encouragement during the race. You were so cheerful and with that Big smile -- I felt some of that exuberance overflowed onto me each time you passed -- Thanks!

Matthew Patten said...

Best quote of the week

"you have a high tolerance to pain"

Ya think?

I figured the only pain you felt was emotional.

Injuries suck.

johnmaas said...

Just read your McNaughton report and this update.
So sorry to hear about the quad injury and I wish you a speedy recovery!
An endurance athlete with a high tolerance for pain - imagine that!?!
Great effort at McNaughton, it sounds like the Dr. confirmed you made the correct decision to pull out there.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear you've been able to get your running shoes back on!!!

Sounds like you've got decent medical advice.


John Taylor
Minneaplis, MN

Julie B said...

Scott Mark, when I was speaking with others at McNaughton they told me to search for a Dr/Chiro that did Active Release Technique as this had worked for many. I did a search and found one right in Elk River, near where I live. I went to Hillside Chiro at 763-241-5393. I then learned that my co-coach and friend, Jenna Boren, who is a Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifier, runner extraordinairre, is a chiro who is certified in ART. She owns Bridging Health in St. Paul 651-292-8400. If you are in the metro see her and tell her I sent you!

ED! Thanks for the kind comment especially when I kept on calling you MICHAEL! I'm glad my smiles and encouragement helped you a bit :)

Olga said...

That was what I thought. I don't think you tear 3 grade in every race, but we do tear muscle fibers in every race, either long or fast or a combination of both. A pop means it's a big tear that needs healing, and if you are not taking care of it now, it'll scar the muscle, which will be prone to "big tears" every more or less serious effort. So, no hard squats or fast running for at least 2 weeks, but do easy jogs as you will heal in an anatomically functional position for a muscle, do indulge in massage on this quad (or do it yourself, pushing relatively hard along the muscle fibers), take Ibu and ice to "chill" the inflammation. As someone who gets injured wat too often and too stupid - sending healing thoughts!