Saturday, May 02, 2009

Energy Crisis

This past week I have been incredibly low on energy; the past two or three weeks, actually. I am afraid I brought it on myself by participating in The Biggest Loser challenge at work. I became so focused on the Friday weigh in that I cut my calories too much, lost weight, wreaked havoc on my workouts all for an 8 pound loss that really wasn't necessary. How foolish of me.

The past year I have been eating a low calorie diet consisting mainly of lean protein and veggies with a fruit added in once a day. I had cut out the oats most mornings as well. In hindsight, not such a great idea.

My sessions in the gym have been great but the long runs, not so much. Think of trying to run through a Saran Wrap wall. That is how many of my long runs have felt, as they have for quite some time, but I've just become used to it.

After renewing my contacts at Precision Nutrition and speaking with many of professionals there I have come to the decision that enough is enough..I began to add in the 1/2 cups of oats along with my egg whites each morning, post treadmill run. I've increased my total calories by a few hundred each day, including the oats and making up the rest with a nutritional post workout (2nd workout) shake with protein and carbohydrates.

I am about ready to say "uncle" on training for long distances and a bodybuilding competition simultaneously. I am +almost+ beginning to see why I know of zero ultrarunners who body build as well. The two sports may in fact be conflicting (duh) but I had to give it a try and will continue to do so..for a while. Until I do say uncle.

The thought of being a newbie on the bodybuilding scene is so exciting, I love to learn something that I really know nothing about. Not that I know everything about ultrarunning; I certainly do not, but it is something that I have practiced for quite some time.

Of course the scale hasn't been kind but I just can't worry about that now. I'm eating healthy foods: lean proteins, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables, and am practicing nutritional bracketing and timed carbohydrates, total calories just below my energy needs. My workouts finally felt good today as I ran a faster 15 miles on road at 4AM with Topaz before clean up day duties. I'll hit the gym after Grand March for Prom this afternoon.

I have probably really messed with my hormones and biochemistry this past year and I imagine my body thinks I have been starving it. All I can do now is try to get it going again with eating more energy which will hopefully result in iron blasting muscle growing workouts and good long runs again. We'll see. A work in progress :)


keith said...

I am astounded that you could even train for both events simultaneously. I think I would have had an aneurysm a long time ago if I was doing what you're doing.

You're amazing.

Anonymous said...

I am working on this myself and you are on the right track for sure! Extreme dieting does not happy hormones make.

Anonymous said...

I am too trying to merge keeping some muscle and strength while enjoying long miles. I've been doing CrossFit for the past 6 months. Check it out, especially where they outline their concepts. I don't have a local CrossFit, but use their concepts all the time.

runclimbswim said...

Julie, It's Kevin from LL - I've seen BBs doing IMs, but they do tend to slow down pretty quickly. I think the extra weight and different training, whether it's good or bad, gets in the way after a few dozen miles under your own power.

And - I can confirm your Foot Potion has been used in the Boston Marathon. I got through with no blisters (that's two in a row) and no other issues from clothing rubbing me the wrong way. That stuff is GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Julie-I have wanted to ask-do you try any of the delicious looking things that you bake? and also as someone who runs and is trying to lose weight-do you add calories to your daily total on days you run more?