Friday, May 01, 2009


Last night Tyler and I along with 5 of his friends went to the Myth to enjoy 5 hours of Heavy Metal.

The Myth is a great venue for concerts as it is offers an intimate close up viewing of the bands no matter where you are standing. The shows are usually general admission-the audience member is able to stand on the floor, view from a few steps up from the floor or the balcony. There is an open bar for the 21 and older as well as Jagermeister chicks strutting their stuff and selling shots.

Municipal Waste opened the show asking "Do you like to thrash?" A loud YES YES YES. I had only listened to one of their CDs prior. They are a band that reminds me of punk, singing songs about getting loaded. The crowd chanted with them "Municipal Waste is Gonna +Uck You Up, Municipal Waste is Gonna +Uck You Up. My head is bobbing as I replay the song and scene in my mind.

Next up was God Forbid, which really didn't do too much for me. Their vocalist was hard to hear, I could hear loud bass but not much else. They didn't move around too much either, seemed rather low energy. The crowed seemed to groove to their song The End Of The World.

There was about a 10 minute wait between shows while tearing down and setting up. Children of Bodom was next; who I have seen before..I believe with Megadeth. They are OK, but I don't think they rock the house. They are a band from Finland named after a lake in Finland said to be a site of a gruesome multiple homicide. Whatever. The singer had a broken shoulder..but was still able to play a mean guitar and rip out his lyrics.

As I Lay Dying played next. This is the band I enjoyed most out of the whole lot. They looked like rockers, playing slick choreographed headbanging music. They were full of energy, jumping high into the air, wearing black pants, sleeveless black tshirts, lean with muscle. Oh yeah.

After a 15 minute wait the headliner arrived. Lamb Of God. They had the audience chomping at the bit, worked into a frenzy before they stepped out on stage. LOG has become immensely popular among headbangers, they have come from the underground to form their own 'mainstream'.

If you are of the 40 something older crowd and thought that Ozzy or Metallica was Heavy Metal, I guess that was old Heavy Metal. This is the new Heavy Metal; something that has filled the gap between punk rock and older heavy metal. It's not quite Death Metal, but close enough for me.

This whole scene was amazing to watch. I didn't go into the circle pit. Tyler did. I stayed on the edge, in the swell of the headbanging crowd. Many times I was grabbed by the waist and lifted off of the floor by the huge man in back of me. I held onto the railing so that I wouldn't be eaten by the circle pit.

The ratio of men to women must have been 20:1. I was indeed the oldest female present, but I was OK with that. There were a few men my age, but most were much younger and of the head shaved, face pierced, huge sort.

The body surfing was amazing. I watched people jump from the railing and swan dive into the crowd, allowing themselves to be hurled toward the stage where a well muscled bouncer would stretch out his arms and remove the person from the front row. It was incredible. The surfer would then go to the back of the crowd and repeat the process. Wow.

Incredible. I'm so glad I asked Tyler if he'd like to go to the concert. I probably wouldn't have have gone alone. We have tickets for Metallica on October 13. Rock On.

We arrived home at 1 AM and I was up for the treadmill at 430. Tyler's wake up call was at 615. Morning arrived quickly. Today we are both sporting our concert tshirts at school.

This weekend is busy. Working at clean up day, Tyler's prom and a Twins game. Running and lifting and a trip to Costco and Trader Joes. I think I'll take a nap this afternoon :)


SteveQ said...

I was thinking of chronicling my last concert; I looked like the father of everyone else who went to see The Thermals. BTW, I'm 50 yards from the Myth as I type this.

keith said...

I have been enjoying As I Lay Dying during some workouts...Mean guitars.