Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back to Running

Topaz received the good word from his vet: back to running! Thank God.

He's been a bit stir crazy lately, not to mention his running partner. The antibiotics and pain meds he had been on tend to compromise joints and tendons. His vet strongly suggested no running until he finished his meds.

When I arrived home from Duluth (congratulations to my clients Deb and Kate - finished Grandmas Marathon, first marathon at sub four hours!!) and saw him running around our pool while the boys were swimming I gently reminded everyone that he was supposed to take it easy. Steve looked at me and said "Right. That is like telling you to take it easy", in a not so gentle manner. Point well taken.

Since his surgery I have only run out at the trail once. It was depressing. I wanted to be running with Topaz and only thought about him while running. Since then I have run the roads around home and the track at school. He goes absolutely berserk when I leave. I can hear him howling as I pull out of the driveway. He knows I'm going running without him.

Today while Topaz was beating my bed with his tail this morning I was finally able to say 'go for a run?" He nearly jumped out of his fur in excitement. He was at the garage door waiting for me while I quickly changed. I didn't even bother with a cup of coffee.

His first run post surgery was wonderful. He was filled with joy. I was filled with joy. He frolicked. I frolicked. He chased after a family of turkeys. I stood and laughed.

The only black cloud upon our run was that the deer flies have hatched. I'll have to dig out that horse spray that worked so well on him last year.

He's a happy pup. I'm a happy pup owner.

Happy Father's Day to all of the Dad's out there. Do something you enjoy today!


Londell said...

That is a happy ending to a difficult time. Thanks for sharing.

Iris said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile and was happy to hear the news about Topaz and his return to running! I recently adopted a 4 year old Border Collie who's now learning to run with me. Even after a short time, I'm attached to this new running partner. Glad you have yours back.

Anonymous said...

Yay!! So glad to hear Topaz is healthy and a happy runner again!!


Helen said...

Great to hear your running buddy is back to full strength again!

Macaire said...

Yay, Topaz!

Julie, tell us what you thought of the Food, Inc. movie! I wanted to go but was traveling on business. I have reserved the book at the library and should be able to pick it up soon.

Also, I'm surprised to hear that you only got two layers out of the pina colada cake. I have made half a dozen cakes from the Sky High book and they've all turned out exactly as promised. I'm a little wary of the pina colada one now. The next one I'll be trying is the chocolate gianduja cake, for which I had to search all over to get hazelnuts and the right kind of chocolate. But now I have everything and will make it this weekend.

Keep on running!