Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back to the Track

The weakest area in my running performance is definitely the area of speed. I began running as a very very slow runner. My first ultras were a fight to the finish before the absolute cut off.

During Ice Age 50 Mile I finished in 11:59:57; the absolute cut off at the finish line was 12:00. My next 50, a few months later was the Voyager with an absolute cut off of 13:00. Barb, a kind, gentle soul, allowed me to continue the race even though I was so very slow and well past the cut offs. I finished shortly after 14:00.

Experience has caused my finishes to be quite a bit faster. The last Ice Age I did was sub 10:00 and my Voyager was 10:27.

Obviously, I much rather spend a day at the ski hill running up and down for 8 hours than a one hour tempo run or a session at a the track, and that shows. Speed hurts...my body isn't used to it. My body needs to become used to it and my mind needs to get wrapped around it.

I am going to finish Leadville 100 next year and to finish Leadville I will be running faster. The altitude didn't bother me at Leadville, my nutrition was on, I had no problems other than speed. I now know that for me to finish I need to get into Winfield in 12:30 to 13:00; none of this 14:00 business as the cut off states. I don't think I will have to worry about the weather-it really can't get much worse than last year, can it?

I have a year to carve out a faster race. I'm up to the challenge.

Today I headed to the track:

800 = 3:21
1000 = 4:06
1000 = 4:10
1000 = 4:12
1200 = 4:59
1200= 5:05
800 = 3:23

Must have been the Afton Trail Run 2009 Race Shirt that I wore that came me some umph. Because I won't be running the race, but did volunteer for the race, I wore the shirt today. John was kind enough to give me the one he brought for show and tell at our Midnight Afton Run last Friday.

This afternoon I jogged the trail with Topaz for 5 miles for a nice cool down. Cool down, I'll say. It's 56F out there. What the hell?

I will not be at Afton this Saturday for the 50K. I entered the race thinking that Tyler had to work this weekend. I figured I'd stay home with him over the weekend, then we'd meet Steve and Troy up at the cabin. Well, I read his schedule incorrectly. He is off this weekend until Monday PM. For all I know this may be the last 4th we'll be spending together. Tyler will be 18 in December and now that he is working who knows when he'll be able to spend time with us. I better take advantage of this weekend up at the lake. He and I will return Monday and Steve and Troy will come back home on Friday so that I may leave for the 4th Annual BETA run on the Superior Hiking Trail.

Looks as if the next race for me will be the Voyager 50 Mile in Carlton. Looking forward to it! I'm glad my passion for running has returned. I missed it.


Herbalife Las Vegas said...

Great job getting back on track!! I can't imagine running for that long. The longest race I have done is the Boilermaker 15K road race. Today I am trying to get the motivation to go for a 8.5 mile run at Mt. Charleston here in Las Vegas.

Emmett said...

Thanks for the motivation to run too.

SteveQ said...

Most people's problem with Leadville seems to be the next two cut-offs after crossing Hope Pass on the way back. It seems to be a mental thing ("I've done the hard part") - but also, it's night and 70+ miles. You shouldn't have a problem with that.

It looks to me that your speedwork suggests you should be doing marathons well under 3:30, though you do seem to slow between 1000 and 1200 meters (5 minutes is a LOT harder than 4 on a track!) Of course, it's just one workout - albeit an impressive one.