Thursday, June 18, 2009


Yesterday I was scrolling through my email and realized I had received one from FANS RD. I assumed, incorrectly, that the email was from my friend, co RD, E Fisher Drew. E and I have run a number of races together and a few years ago E took over as Co RD of FANS.

As I was reading the email I realized it wasn't from E at all. It was from RD Paul Sackett. I was stunned. I was honored. I couldn't believe that he took the time to a) email me and b) had been thinking about Topaz and I all week as his email stated.

I don't 'know' Pat Sackett. I have never run with her, I have been congratulated by and have been cheered by her. I recognize her name, of course, as RD of FANS as it is listed in the booklet of instructions and is on the website. However, in the past, I wouldn't have been able to call Pat an acquaintance. This has now changed.

With Pats permission I am copying her email to me:

I've been thinking about you and Topaz a lot over the past week, and fervently hope that he's on the mend and doing much, much better. We were all very concerned about you when you left the race course, and hoped everything would work out well. Altogether probably not one of the best days of your life -- let's hope that's all behind you and the future holds far better prospects at this point. Having lived through severe illnesses over the years with a variety of cats, I know the agony involved and the uncaring few who might throw a "it's just a dog!" at you. Pity them, for they don't understand the depth of love an animal can give, and if their hearts are so cold that they can't appreciate warmth in others, their lives are miserable indeed.

Best wishes for you and your loving four-footed friend,
Pat Sackett

After I responded to Pat, he followed up with this, in part:

It's delightful to hear a happy ending, and I'm sure no dog is more deserving than lucky Topaz. Clearly he won the canine lottery when he invited you to be his live-in Food Guy and confidant. I am so happy for you both, and trust you'll make the most of his healthy years to come.

I think this is just amazing. How wonderful that Pat took the time out of her schedule to contact me, to check how Topaz and I are doing and most of all to have such a warm and kind heart. I feel absolutely honored.

Thank you, Pat.

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A Prelude To... said...

That is so cool, Julie! Isn't it great when people understand just how important our pets are to us? They ARE family. What a great message for him to send to you!