Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Heart Rate Training

Thank you for the comments and email regarding heart rate training. I appreciated all the knowledge that you shared with me.

John Maas, you were right on when you guessed that my maximum heart rate was probably 188-190. When I ran hills at Hyland last week..ah yes, back to Hyland. Buck is yet again closed to runners this summer..I topped out at 189. I'm still feeling the hills in my butt.

Last week, and today, while completing my track workout I wore my heart rate monitor and followed the instructions for max heart rate. Both weeks my max was 189.

I ran 800s this afternoon. Lucky for me, I was able to get 7 of them in before the sky opened up to a downpour. It is still raining out very hard. This morning Topaz and I waited for the thunderstorm to finish before heading out to the trail for our run. We definitely need this rain.

So, the 800s. This week I was able to get in 7 of them (from 6 last week) before I lost form and energy. I've shaved a few seconds off of each one and don't feel as wasted post workout as the first three weeks.

Really, though, does this improve anything in the big picture? Who knows. It can't hurt, and for now, it is something new to improve upon each week.

I replaced my Forerunner 50 watch, heart rate monitor and foot pod with new batteries. I can now switch between each function while running. I actually downloaded the information at Garmin Connect. Gee, I've only had the watch for 14 months and am finally using it to its full potential.

Next up: Voyageur 50 mile next Saturday. I'll see many of you out there :)

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SteveQ said...

What a strange world, where you're running intervals on the track and I'm doing hill repeats! The women's race at Voyageur's going to be interesting this year - much better than the men's race.